Lefty Parenting: Huff Post Helps You Teach’ kids About Abortion.

Leakage of drafts for the impending Decision could be overturned Roe v. Wade This has caused the left to go crazy, renewing its commitment to live on the mountain of on-demand abortion. The Huffington Post is trying to get the kids onboard with the orthodoxy.

Brittany Wong published a May 23 article in which she gave suggestions and examples for the correct progressive approach to educating young people about abortion. Her prescriptions are full of liberal talk points and glorify the indoctrination of children with simplistic stories.

Firstly, talking to kids about a subject as heavy as abortion shouldn’t be something you want to do. Obviously it might be that a parent is essentially cornered into saying something if questioned enough by their child, but it is certainly not an “ongoing discussion” as YouTube-famous OB-GYN Danielle Jones told Wong it should be. Abortion isn’t just some icebreaker, it’s serious and delves into deep questions about the nature of a life. Only mature adults should discuss abortion. 

Wong, or any of her specialists, does not characterize a child in this article. in uteroIt is a way to live. Jennifer Lincoln, a TikTok influence, only explained abortion to her kids when they saw her going to an abortion rally with a sign. She said, “I explained that it meant someone is pregnant and does not want to continue the pregnancy,” she said. “Sometimes they’re not prepared to have a baby, or there are medical reasons they should not, or sometimes they just don’t want to continue the pregnancy.”

This is a monumental softening of the gravity of abortion, something that one risks when protecting children’s minds. These serious views on abortion must be taken seriously by only adults. Given the terrible nature of an abortion, it would be a shame to present biased views of it to children that they won’t understand. 

As with any author championing the liberal cause, Wong didn’t forget to mention the fact that abortion bans will prevent more people of color from having abortions. According to Vital Statistics of New York (Vital Statistics of New York), more black babies had their abortions than those born in New York City. It seems racist to suggest that black babies should be saved. Isn’t that hurting “some people more than others” as CEO of a communications firm Ariane Le Chevallier declares in the piece? The left’s obsession with race permeates every core issue of their policies. Wong wants to you teach your child not just that abortion opponents are racists but multiple stories. 

It is important not to teach children about abortion. The purpose of this article is to encourage parents to talk with their young children about such a complex topic in an unfair way. Abortion is fundamentally a matter of human life. This issue needs to be discussed from both pro-life and prochoice perspectives. It should not include children. 


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