Left-Wing, Taxpayer-Funded NPR Sets up a ‘Disinformation Team’ – Opinion

Are you curious about where tax dollars go? National Public Radio, a left-wing propaganda radio station (NPR), is receiving at least some of the tax dollars. The network was founded by an act of Congress in 1970 to be a “source of information of consequence,” to “celebrate the human experience,” to “help citizens be “enlightened participants” in society, and to “speak with many voices and many dialects,” according to Bill Siemering, one of NPR’s founders.

Since then, they’ve become a source of quirky programming and left-wing propaganda. The latest is? A “disinformation reporting team.” This surely brings up memories of the ill-fated Biden Administration attempt to create an Orwellian “Disinformation Governance Board,” an effort that failed spectacularly after pointed criticism.

NPR’s website announced the move Friday, but gave little information about the team’s purpose, other than listing the qualifications of its members, writing that its apparent head member Shannon Bond “has already given her extensive experience and sourcing in the disinformation world.” Just like former Disinformation Board Director Nina Jankowicz.

Critics were quick to point out that far from being an unbiased defender of “disinformation,” the outlet has, in fact, gone out of its way to hide stories it doesn’t like. NPR deliberately ignored the Hunter Biden laptop story. This was despite the fact that it had been vital news for the 2020 election. Even more, they celebrated their censorship.

It’s kind of unbelievable to see a news outlet openly admitting they’re deciding which stories you should be interested in. The old news media reported, you chose. They now make the decisions for you.

Mollie Henderway from Fox News commented on the matter, and said NPR is essentially a disinformation group for years.

Donald Trump wanted NPR to be defunded, famously citing its left-wing bias. After a 2020 confrontation between former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and an NPR reporter, radio host Mark Levin tweeted, “Why does NPR still exist? Satellite radio is also available in thousands of U.S. stations. Podcasts. Why are we paying for this big-government, Democrat Party propaganda operation?”

Trump retweeted the post and fired back, “A very good question!”

NPR is a dinosaur. Why did it survive? If it’s so great, why can’t it survive on its own like a real business, not propped up by our tax dollars?  According to Deadline

…public broadcasting has enjoyed broad support among lawmakers, who often turn to their local outlets for appearances on public affairs programming. When funding appears to be at risk, public media advocates have also been successful in mobilizing the viewers to reach out Congressmen.

CEO of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting Patricia Harrison said in a statement that the federal appropriation is “seed money” that “pays invaluable dividends to millions of Americans and their families in the form of content and resources that educate, inform and inspire.” In other words, we’re paying for the government to brainwash our citizens.

No less than future Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia warned us of the issue in 1971 soon after the Public Broadcasting Service was created, writing that we would be “confronted with a long-range problem of significant social consequences—that is, the development of a government-funded broadcast system similar to the BBC.” He was incredibly prescient.

As I said, NPR gives us little information about the purpose or function of its new “disinformation team.” Given what we’ve seen in the last few years though from “fact checkers” and the mainstream press, expect it to try to suppress information that doesn’t support left-wing causes and call any fact it doesn’t like “disinformation.”

A news organization should be able to say what it likes—but our tax dollars shouldn’t be funding it.

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