Latino Nets INCENSED by U.S. Appeals Court Upholding Texas’s Heartbeat Law

The Latino media took a brief break from President Biden’s exploding immigration, economic, health and social crises in order to lambast Texas’ latest pro-life victory, after a federal appeals court granted a stay allowing that state’s Heartbeat Law — challenged by the Biden administration — to remain in place.

At Telemundo, the law, which went into effect on September 1st and was later halted for 48 hours, was labeled as a “Greg Abbott, a conservative administrator, supports controversial anti-abortion laws” while Univision also joined Telemundo in complaining about the long hours that women have to drive now to “terminate their pregnancy.”



NICOLE SUAREZ TELEMUNDO. Texas was allowed to enforce its laws by a federal appeals Court. Its controversial anti-abortion legislation was supported by Greg Abbott’s conservative administration. 

TELEMUNDO, ARANXTA LOIZAGA: This is the country’s most restrictive anti-abortion legislation


LOIZAGA – Increasing numbers of pregnant women are now driving to the other side of the country to end their pregnancies.


SATCHA PRETTO UNIVISION: We receive stories from women who drive for hours to get their pregnancies over to another state. The wait is longer and the costs are higher.

Texas law forbids abortions beyond the sixth week. This is when the baby’s heartbeat can be detected. Univision’s anchor Satcha Pretto, however, was concerned more about the consequences of aborting a child after six weeks. prolonged the wait and costs going up considerably as further reason to abide by the law.

The framing of the Texas law as “restrictive” and “controversial” sets the stage for doomsday coverage on Latino media as the Supreme Court’s new conservative majority prepare to hear a set of casts that may very well upend Roe v. Wade

Is there anything else? Expect a huge increase in the pro-abortion rhetoric at the Spanish-speaking networks, complete with storytelling segments heavily featuring those who go out of state to get an abortion — further proof of their increasing disconnect with an audience that cherishes life and traditional moral values.

Let the Media Research Center know about the biases at Spain’s Spanish-speaking networks. Advertisers like Neutrogena should let it know by writing to them.

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