Latino Media BURY Terrorist Firebombing of Pro-Life Organization in Wisconsin

The Latino networks received quick treatment after the news of the violent terrorist attack on a Madison pro-life clinic. They spent an estimated of $1.5 million. 74 seconds reporting the attack which included throwing two Molotov cocktails into the facilities, lighting a fire and posting a menacing graffiti warning that “If abortions aren´t safe, then you aren´t either”.

This video contains the compilation of reports that were aired by Telemundo and Univision on Monday May 9th.

ARMANDO GUZMAN, ESTRELLA TELEVISION: Police in Wisconsin are looking into several incidents against the abortion rights group’s headquarters.

JULIANE APPLING, WISCONSIN FAMILY ACTION: The people who perpetrated this against us, again, they’re free to disagree with us. But they’re not free to destroy property. They’re not free to threaten individual lives and safety.


SATCHA PRETTO DESPIERTA AMERICA UNIVISION – Wisconsin authorities are currently investigating arson for the fire which broke out at the Wisconsin office of an anti abortion group. The vandals also attacked the building. The alleged attackers also smashed furniture, and put up signs with threats to pro-life activists on the walls. These acts of violence were condemned by both political leaders, congressional men and officials from both parties.


REBEKA SMYTH, HOY DIA, TELEMUNDO – Madison police are currently investigating a Sunday fire at an anti-abortion group. According to authorities, they sprayed a message outside Wisconsin Family Action’s headquarters, that said- “if abortions aren’t safe, neither are you.” Federal investigators have joined the inquiry to find those responsible; they also ask for your help; if you have any information please tell the authorities.

According to a press release issued by Wisconsin Family Action on May 8, 2022, “Anarchy 1312 took responsibility for the attack, leaving its logo on an outside wall”. This information was however not provided in any of the news stories mentioned above. Instead, the networks stuck to an anodyne tale of a police investigation of “the fire that broke out”, “a fire set” and “several attacks”.

Mind you, Univision and Telemundo reports briefly on terrorist firebombings aired over only their morning shows. Hoy DíaAnd Despierta América, respectively. There was not a single mention of the evening news. Estrella TV was the only one to report on the attack on their evening media edition, although it has far less viewers than Univision and Telemundo.

The Wisconsin terrorist attack was also used as an addition to media coverage of pro-abortion demonstrations held in front of houses of conservative Supreme Court justices after a leak by the US Supreme Court that pointed to Roe vs Wade’s end.

The viewers of Estrella TV, though, got to see the reaction of a spokesperson for the Wisconsin pro-life facility who calmly stated that “The people who perpetrated this against us, again, they’re free to disagree with us. But they’re not free to destroy property. They’re not free to threaten individual lives and safety.” 

Also, at Telemundo, anchor Rebekah Schmidt encouraged cooperation from the community by closing her report with a call to action: “if you have any information please tell the authorities.”

We will continue to monitor MRC Latino for any further information on arrests and threats against the Spanish-speaking media. You are always watching.


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