Latest Times Poll Has People Talking About the End of Joe Biden – Opinion

Joe Biden’s sinking into despair makes it harder to see any hope of recovery. That’s the story of the latest Times/Sienna poll, which shows the president’s approval at a record low of 33 percent. And to be sure, there’s nothing else about the survey that provides any positive news.

Even college-educated whites, long a bulwark of sorts for Biden’s presidential approval, are finally abandoning him.

These are staggering numbers. 25 percent with independents, a political identity that is only growing, might as well be the death knell of Biden’s political career. Although black Americans remain the most loyal to the president, they approve just slightly less than 60%.

But it’s the Latino numbers that are truly something to behold. Democrats have been counting on increased Hispanic immigration to become a pathway to permanent majority for decades. As is often the case in politics, even the most well-crafted plans are quickly discarded. The poll shows that Biden’s approval among Hispanics at 32 percent is not good. However, it does reveal another story.

Hispanics make up 38 percent of the voting population in GOP primaries. This is nearly equal to the participation in Democrat primaries. It’s hard to express how game-changing that is, and it shows a seismic shift that could scramble expected political results for years to come. Hispanics will now vote for Republicans just as much as Democrats. That opens the door to all manner of races that were previously insurmountable for Republicans. We’ve seen that play out more recently in Texas, but the same effect will be felt all the way to California.

Moving past that to the issue-level polling, only one percent (yes, one percent) rated the economy as “excellent” while 75 percent said the economy is important to them, and even among the broader Democrat electorate, Biden is floundering. As my colleague Levon Satamian shared in his write-up on this poll, two-thirds of Democrats don’t even want Biden to be the nominee in 2024. When you add Kamala Harris to your team, it becomes clear how far the left is willing to go.

They have no other choice. They can’t allow Biden, who will be just shy of 82 years old on election day, to run again. We are now at the stage where the White House is falsifying transcripts to protect the president’s senility. Can you imagine how terrible things will look in two years?

The Times/Sienna poll offers one hope for Democrats. The poll shows that Donald Trump is 44 points ahead of Biden in hypothetical matches. That’s nothing to brag about, though. Any incumbent that falls below 45 percent is generally toast. Trump is also an electoral college winner, meaning he can win the presidential election despite losing the popular vote more than 3 points. And if Trump isn’t the nominee, you are looking at a blowout in 2024 of epic proportions.

In short, it’s all bad news, all the time for the current president. Are we at the beginning of the end? This feels almost like the end. All the divisions in the Democrat Party suggest that Biden will be thrown out of office sooner than expected. This period following the midterms will be extremely interesting.

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