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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has been one of the left’s favorite targets, especially amid the ongoing COVID-19 saga. Democrats and activists have attacked the governor for not enacting the same kind of severe and onerous restrictions as other states. While claiming he is responsible for the deaths of Floridians, they pay little attention to the former governor of New York. Andrew Cuomo was the one who did actually get people murdered through his COVID policies.

However, the latest data shows that DeSantis’ approach to the pandemic isn’t as deadly as the left It is hoped argued. A chart by The New York Times, Florida’s rate of COVID-19 infections is far lower than even the states that have embraced mask and vaccine mandates, and other measures.

The chart shows that Florida’s 14-day rate of COVID cases dropped by 48%. The Sunshine state’s case rate per 100,000 was 13. This means Florida had the third-lowest rate of infections last week — coming in just behind Connecticut and Hawaii, which both have 11 cases per 100,000.

Click Orlando reports that cases decreased for the fifth consecutive week. WDW News Today reported that on Wednesday, the state “reported 2,505 new cases of COVID-19, making the 7-day average below 3,000 cases for the first time since July 7” and that “the positivity rate has been declining since mid-August.”

In Florida, hospitalizations and COVID rates soared during the summer. Democrats used this opportunity to attack DeSantis. In almost all other states, however rates rose as well. DeSantis spoke to an August audience and stated:

What we’re going to see is that — you’re already starting to see — but because you don’t have the herd immunity through the vaccinations, you’re going to start to see winter and fall waves in the Northern states. We have a summer season, but you’re going to see that, and so I think that that’s something that should be stressed more and more.

The governor declared that he had obtained higher doses of monoclonal antibodies for COVID patients in September, despite President Joe Biden having reduced the supply to Florida. “We should be doing everything we can to get patients monoclonal antibody treatments, not cutting allocations of treatment like the Biden administration has done,” he said.

Many viewed the president’s actions as being politically motivated. Many prominent leftists downplayed monoclonal antibody’s efficacy, as well as any other possible remedy that might not be the vaccine.

Florida’s COVID rates have fluctuated just like most other states. But despite the left’s claims that DeSantis’ refusal to enact strict measures ostensibly to combat the spread of the virus, it seems clear this has not had a drastic impact on the numbers compared to other states.

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