Lady Drops Her Phone in an Outhouse, Tries to Retrieve It and Falls in — Says the Fire Department – Opinion

Your day can go sour sometimes. This description is appropriate for a woman in her 40s who had recently to call 911.

The lady and her dog had gone for a hike in northwest Washington’s Olympic National Forest. At some point, she sensed nature’s call.

An outhouse was available. Presumably she was using her smartphone while camping on the toilet.

Natural disaster hit. Perhaps she was frustrated with the app, or perhaps it was digestive trouble. Whatever the reason, her electronic device fell apart.

The human race is prone to error, which was why the tank contained a toilet. It was a Michael Jackson-style move. She screamed at the horrendous sight of her phone falling into an inhuman pile of Human Nature.

ABC did the same. And PYT — About to be Buried in Crap by Progressively Yielding to Turds.

She was fast and efficient, even though she only had seconds to spare.

She reached in head-first…

In the words of Brinnon Fire Department Chief Tim Manly, that “didn’t work very well, and in she went.”

The hapless hiker was unable to get out of its stew for at least 10-15 minutes. She eventually realized that an appearance was impossible.

Even though she was in constant pain, there was one thing that was working: Her cell phone still worked.

She was then able to get help.

Respondents included both the Brinnon Fire Rescue and Quilcene Fire Rescue teams.

Courtesy the Kitsap Sun

The firefighters gave the woman blocks to support her to get to a harness. They used it to drag her out from the vault. Brinnon reported that the woman was not injured and asked for no medical transport.

“I imagine that she was probably very fortunate,” Manly said. “I don’t have any experience with that kind of a rescue, except for now, but I know that is not a good place to be.”

Reasonable advice was also offered, but she wasn’t in a receptive mood:

The woman was washed down and “was strongly encouraged to seek medical attention after being exposed to human waste, but she only wanted to leave,” the department said.

However — per a Fire Dept. Facebook post — she “thanked the responders and continued her journey back to California.”

She was a good-luck charmed by the Department

He was very fortunate to not be overcome by toxic chemicals or sustained injury.

That’s all well and good, but they may have overestimated her snappy survival skills. She may simply have been in her element, depending on the location in California where she lives. She might’ve been floating in what’s familiar:



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