LA Will Give Super Bowl Attendees 5-Layer Face Masks – Opinion

If you’re planning to attend February 13th’s Super Bowl, you might want to get busy coordinating your clothes.

You’ll need a team-colored shirt, jacket, hat, socks…and medical mask.

As reported by CNN, this year’s stadium shindig will be an anonymous affair: Everyone’s faces will be obscured.

And that’s too bad, because the location is the “Land of the Beautiful People.” The event’s being held in that haven of iconic American liberty, Los Angeles.

Hence, per LA County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer, vaccination booths will be set up outside — providing first, second, or booster doses of the country’s favorite pharmaceutical fix.

The game is more than Moderna and muzzles. You will also find tests.

NFL Communications

  • For entry to the South Hall Lobby, Los Angeles Convention Center’s Los Angeles Convention Center South Hall Lobby, those who haven’t been fullyvaccinated will need to show evidence of a negative result from a previous test.
  • If you are a rapid antigen tester, the negative test must be taken within 24 hours or 48 hours for PCR. This is necessary for all ages 2 (2) years and over.
  • Anybody who has not been vaccinated and tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 90 days will need to show proof that they have had a negative test.
  • All those who are coming to get a booster dose can enter the facility with documentation of full vaccination.

More than 60,000. COVID assessments kits will be distributed by the National Football League in advance.

Get vaccinated, or have your blood tested. Then get ready for some fun and frivolity.

But if you’re concerned your face cloth might be insufficient, the league’s got you covered — literally.

Triple-vaxxers, you can now have your pusums quintuple-cloaked.

Each Super Bowl LVI Attendee will receive a five-layer KN95 Mask from LA County.

In the past two years, Sports has undergone a major transformation.

Black Lives Matter has become a major political force in the arena of athletics:

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Sports medicine won the day:

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And now — in our 97th week of 15 Days to Slow the Spread — masks are mandatory in that petri dish known as the Super Bowl.

The magic of the SoFi Stadium might make up for this.

Indeed, where risk is concerned, there’s some real voodoo going on.

According to LA County’s guidelines, it would seem, there are multiple possible scenarios depending on whether fans follow the rules:

  1. Unmasked, over 70,000 individuals will take on the risk of their lives.
  2. Masked, 70 000 people will be protected
  3. 70,000 people will be safe while unmasked, because they’re holding hot dogs.


[A]ttendees…will be reminded to keep their face coverings up at all times unless drinking or eating, said…Barbara Ferrer Tuesday.

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