Kinzinger Throws a Fit at DCCC Supporting Trump GOP, Doesn’t Recognize His Own Hypocrisy – Opinion

We reported that John Gibbs won against Peter Meijer, a pro-impeachment Rep. (R-MI). Now, that is likely an indication that Republicans want to turn out the pro-impeachment folks — we’ve seen it elsewhere in other races.

There was however, the influence of Democrats purchasing ads to support Gibbs in this race with the idea that Meijer may be easier to beat in general elections. This was evident when it worked with Donald Trump in 2016.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger, a Republican from Illinois, went on CNN together with Brianna Kessel and called out Democrats for promoting Gibbs in order to eliminate Meijer.

Kinzinger said they shouldn’t be asking where are all the “good Republicans” if they’re promoting people who question the election. “The DCCC needs to be ashamed of themselves,” he said.

Of course, he’s right about the Democrats being hypocritical — not about the framing that he’s a “good Republican” — but because they don’t mean what they say when they call people a “threat to democracy.” It’s all about attacking their opponents to get power. The evidence is clear. If they truly thought that the people they were demonizing were that bad, they wouldn’t be promoting them. But Kinzinger doesn’t see — or perhaps he doesn’t care — that that’s the real problem.

Kinzinger talks about “threats to democracy,” but he’s thrown in with Democrats who have objected to the electoral count in the past like Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD). He’s thrown in with those who are trying to preemptively block out a potential candidate from running again in 2024 through a biased process that doesn’t even allow defense or rebuttal. Talk about an affront to “democracy.” He’s thrown in with Democrats who have been causing such significant harm to the country — who have been moving the country radically to the left — and he doesn’t seem to give a darn about that.

Kinzinger threw in with these folks — perhaps thinking that might advance his quest for higher office. They will dump him, just like Meijer. They only care about what they can do with him now. If he thinks they’re ever going to support him for higher office, he’s deluding himself. But he’s already shown he doesn’t get it. He doesn’t care how much his dalliance with the Democrats may hurt the country.

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