Kim Glass Talks About Her Assaulter, Points out How She and Other Victims Can ‘Be Vindicated’ – Opinion

George Gascon, the disgraced Los Angeles County district attorney, was charged with a criminal. Now, it is up to you whether or not he finishes his sentence and can be freed early so that he can commit other crimes and cause havoc.

Gascon is now charging criminals as a way to change his pro-crime, soft-on crime stance. Fox News reports that Olympian Kim Glass was the victim of the crime and spoke out Tuesday night about it.

“The point is guys, he has assaulted many people before me and he’s violated probation and he’s violated paroles doing the same thing,” Glass said in a video posted on her Instagram, noting that his other victims have been women … “You guys are only hearing about me because I’m an Olympian … And you guys haven’t heard from the other victims of the other attacks that have been happening, repeatedly happening in this city, so they need to be vindicated and we can’t drop the ball on this. We can’t. Things have to change.”

As RedState’s Jennifer Oliver O’Connell reported, the attacker, Semeon Tesfamariam, is accused of throwing a 10-inch metal bolt at Glass’ face while Glass was walking in Downtown Los Angeles near a homeless encampment.

Tesfamariam had been scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday. However, doubts about Tesfamariam’s ability to stand trial were raised. A new hearing was held for August 12. Glass said:

“Clearly he’s not mentally well and I do feel for him a lot. At the same time, feeling for somebody and holding them accountable doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive.”

Gascon, who announced that Tesfamariam had been arrested for assault with a fatal weapon last Tuesday, has since been released without bail. Gascon has released criminals on the streets even before sentencing has been completed. One incident saw a Gang member being freed early from jail and then killing two El Monte officers.

Time and time again, Gascon has shown that he puts criminals’ interests ahead of victims. Although it may sound absurd, this has been his reality ever since he was elected. Los Angeles County voters seem to have had enough of him and will recall him in November if necessary. Politicians like Mayor Eric Garcetti, Governor Gavin Newsom, and the soft-on-crime DA’s must be held accountable through recalls and election day. This type of behaviour will not stop if they’re not held responsible.

Glass continued:

“He needs to be off the streets and I hope that he gets the full 11 years and then some, and I hope that while he’s doing it, he gets help.”

Glass ended by saying,

“The more that we keep letting this issue go on and on and on, and they keep getting out and they are on the streets and we know that they are not healthy or mentally well and we’re putting our citizens, our healthcare workers, our cops, everyone in harm’s way … We’re letting our society down.”

She’s right. We are letting our society down and will continue to, if we don’t hold the people responsible for these crimes accountable.

First and foremost, it is important to hold those responsible accountable. When it comes time to vote, we must not forget the events. Gascon, a soft-on crime DA, should be remembered. Gavin Newsom made homelessness even worse by directing money to the problem, instead of opening rescue missions and investing in rehabilitation. He also knows that he can’t hire mental health workers and build shelters to stop people from encamping.

Until those things don’t happen, homelessness will be a problem, some of them will resort to violence, and it will end well for anyone involved. Los Angeles County is able to elect Newsom as its November mayor, and, even more important, recall Gascon. Los Angeles can also elect Rick Caruso to be its tough-on-crime mayor. This will ensure that victims are taken care of and the city addresses the housing crisis.

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