Police Associations Declare ‘No Confidence’ in State Attorney That Dismissed Smollett Charges

“Our assistant state’s attorneys work tirelessly with our law enforcement partners to address violence in our communities.”

Citing her purported lack of leadership skills and loss of credibility, three suburban Chicago police associations have taken votes of “no confidence” in Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, ABC reported Wednesday.

The president of the south suburban police chief’s association told ABC7 that the no confidence vote was not directed at the assistant state’s attorneys under Foxx who actually prosecutes cases in courtrooms. Foxx made the controversial decision last week to drop 16 felony charges against “Empire” star, and alleged hate-crime hoaxer, Jussie Smollett.

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ABC7’s investigative team obtained a “no confidence letter” sent to Foxx by members of the North Suburban Chiefs of Police. The west and south police association have also voted no confidence measures. According to ABC7, the letter, criticizes Foxx’s decision not to prosecute Smollett and questions her leadership. The letter emphasizes that all three organizations are in agreement about Foxx’s conduct.

Among the concerns listed in the letter, the Chiefs of Police expressed lack of confidence in Foxx’s handing of felony review, non-prosecution of certain low-level offenses, and the recent Smollett case.

The three police organizations argue that Foxx’s strategy to address non-violent crime in Cook County is to ignore it, regardless of the costs to the community.

Many of the police chiefs plan to stand with officials from the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police to announce the no confidence vote Thursday morning.

Responding to the no confidence votes, a spokesperson for Foxx issued a statement blasting the police associations.

“Unfortunately, this is an excuse to justify their resistance to our prioritizing resources to increase public safety and reduce harm,” the spokesperson said. “Our assistant state’s attorneys work tirelessly with our law enforcement partners to address violence in our communities.”

Foxx ignited a firestorm last week after announcing her office was dropping the 16 charges of disorderly conduct for making a false statement that were pending against Smollett. Media outlets reported that the Chicago Police Department  was “furious” about the decision.

The decision also drew the ire of the National District Attorneys Association, which released a scathing letter in response to Foxx’s decision.

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