KGB Col. Putin’s Health in the Time of War

Washington — I hate Russian President Vladimir Putin! His countryman J.V. and Fidel Castro would also be on my list. Stalin. Castro, Hitler, Stalin all took many years to reach their distinction. KGB Col. Putin moved faster, but now he’s here. Putin is an all-blooded dictator.

People throw the term “hate” around very cavalierly, at least in politics. I recall former President Donald Trump introducing me to one of his acquaintances thus: “You know how I hate the Clintons. Well, let me introduce you to a guy who hates the Clintons even more than I hate them.” As Donald saw it, that would be me. Donald, the Clintons are not my enemies. They would be sent to hell, or purgatory. I am not saying that I have not been sincere in wishing them grief, but to really “hate” someone, that person has to be singularly evil. As the violence in Ukraine escalated over the past few days, it became clear that the man responsible for the chaos has been placed in hell. KGB Col. Putin.

Without any warning, you invade a neighbour’s country. It looks, however, like a nice country. You also cause destruction, mayhem, and murder. At least, I don’t think there is anyone left in Ukraine who hasn’t been completely turned on its head. You have caused chaos all over the globe.

As I stated in the space last week, I am not an antagonist for Russians. It was then that I mentioned that I met Boris Yeltsin’s KGB predecessor and that I expressed my admiration for Russia and the cultural heritage it shared with the West. Many Russians have reached out to me in the wake of war and expressed their desire to see peace between our two countries. Tatyana Yumasheva Yeltsin’s daughter posted an antiwar message to Facebook. She’s a good girl. It seems that there is significant disagreement about the war in colonel’s home country. His head of intelligence was seen prancing around the podium with him last week during his press conference. He couldn’t recite KGB colonel Putin’s statement about ongoing atrocities against Ukraine. KGB Col. Putin humiliated his face in public but his corrections weren’t enough. It was obvious that the façade had a crack. The crack will only get bigger.

KGB Col. Putin allowed Western television to capture the embarrassing scenes in Ukraine. Here we see a Russian army holding back an army made up of rebellious Ukrainians. It is vastly outnumbered. Things that we have seen are not easy to explain. Russian automobiles and corpses have been left in the rural areas. What about the movie clip where a large armored vehicle crossed the road towards the other side, so that it could flatten an automobile packed with passengers fleeing from the scene? It was not an attack on a military target. Reports of Russian tanks starving and troops feeling demoralized are another example. This footage has also been shown on TV and on the Internet beyond Ukraine. For KGB Col. Putin, it isn’t looking good.

According to reports, KGB Colonel Putin is in poor health. Last week, I mentioned my suspicions about the Colonel. I noted that I saw a slight hesitancy in the colonel’s eyes. His upper body was a bit flabby, and I suggested that he may not be as fit KGB officers that we remember seeing in past times. Moscow is reporting that other people have also noticed this. He’s not as sharp-witted now as he was in the past. He’s not as determined. He is somewhat confused. He is capable of exploding in an occasional rage when there are reports about the Ukrainian enterprise being stalled, but he once had a steady hand, or should I say fist. He is now wondering what the next step will be.

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