Kevin McCarthy is Leaving It All on the Field – or Floor

It seems that Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Leader, is not going to leave it all on his own. Literally the House of Representatives’ floor.

As of 11:00 p.m. EST, in the House version of a filibuster, Leader McCarthy is still at the microphone, speaking against Biden’s $5 trillion “Build Back Better” boondoggle.

McCarthy, Leader of the Opposition announced that he would expose what was included in the bill hours prior.

McCarthy continues to warn about the dangers of the bill almost two hours after it was passed.

McCarthy speaks also about former Republican presidents. He is referring to the people and events who made America great. This has changed our history. It was people and events who represented liberty, and this huge piece of legislation does not reflect that.

Many conservatives and Republicans felt it was a dereliction of duty that Leader McCarthy could not prevent 13 Republicans from siding with Speaker Nancy Pelosi to vote on the $550 billion “bipartisan” infrastructure bill. The bill could have died on the floor if these Republicans hadn’t jumped ship.

McCarthy appears to have found his fire again after the embarrassing departure of his caucus. According to NBC News, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is fact-checking him (we’re defining “fact-checking” in Associated Press terms here) in real-time for the portions of the bill he is condemning.

Many members of the Democratic House have taken to Twitter in mocking, maligning, or condemning McCarthy for his actions. Other legacy media is live tweeting, capturing some of McCarthy’s statements on past Republican presidents, like Abraham Lincoln:

“Abraham Lincoln, if he were here today, he would tell you … he would say, `be fearless when it comes to votes. Don’t blame others.’ ” — Rep. Kevin McCarthy 11:10 p.m.

I’m not sure how long McCarthy will remain on the scene, and if McCarthy’s speech will affect moderate Democrats. Do they actually exist? to kill the bill, but he certainly has chosen to make Biden’s signature legislation all about him, which significantly diminishes its weight—if not its price tag.

If the bill clears the floor tonight, no one will be talking about its passage; they’ll be talking about the very long obstructionist speech by Kevin McCarthy that came before it.

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