Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Nomination to the Supreme Court Confirmed – Opinion

Official confirmation has been given to Judge Ketanji brown Jackson, the Supreme Court nominee. This was perhaps the most suspenseful vote in recent years regarding a Supreme Court nominee.

The vote ended at 53 votes to 47. This is a result of Monday night’s procedural vote about the discharge petition, which advances the nomination to Senate floor after the Senate Judiciary Committee deadlock. All 50 Democrats voted for Judge Jackson. In that confirmation vote, they were joined by Republicans Lisa Murkowski from Alaska (Maine), Susan Collins from Maine (Maine) and Mitt Romney of Utah.

The announcement comes amidst recognition of the “historic” nature of the appointment, given that Jackson will become the first Black woman (just don’t ask her to define it) to serve on the Court.

(Trivia note: She’ll actually be the DritteJackson appointed to Serve: Howell Edmunds Jackson was appointed to Tennessee by President Benjamin Harrison. He served between 1893 and 1895. Robert Houghwout Jackson was elected to New York by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. He served from 1941 through 1954.

The following is from the AP

Jackson is only the third Black justice (after Thurgood Marshall and Clarence Thomas) and sixth woman. She will join three other women, Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan Amy Coney Barrett – meaning that four of the nine justices will be women for the first time in history.

Justice Jackson will take his place after Justice Stephen Breyer, who is retiring this summer from the current term of the SCOTUS. The court’s next term will begin in October.

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