Police Notice New Recruit Looks a Lot Like the Suspect in Horrific Crime Spree

An accused serial rapist attempted to join the Georgia police force investigating his alleged crimes.

Kenneth Thomas Bowen III, 24, was arrested last week for allegedly sexually assaulting eight women in the Clayton County area since 2015, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

In 2018, Bowen briefly joined Clayton County Police Department’s academy. He was fired after only a few months for arriving to training nearly four hours late and lying to supervisors about his whereabouts.

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Clayton County Police Chief Kevin Roberts said during a Wednesday press conference that it was Bowen’s short stint with Clayton County police that led to his eventual capture.

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“Had he not attempted to join ranks in the Clayton County Police Department, it is questionable as to when we would have apprehended him,” Roberts said.

A Clayton County investigator who also spoke at the press conference said police eventually realized Bowen had been reported as a “suspicious” person in at least one of a string of sex attacks in the region.

When they got a hold of a photo of Bowen, detectives realized he bore a “striking resemblance” to sketches of the suspect they were looking for in the assaults, according to the New York Post.

Police then linked Bowen’s tattoos to a description of the suspect and obtained a warrant for his DNA, which tied him to the attacks.

Authorities charged Bowen with seven counts of rape and one count of sexual battery. Five of the alleged attacks took place between 2015 and 2017. The most recent assault connected to Bowen happened in March.

Kenneth Thomas Bowen III isn’t the only criminal busted for getting too cozy with cops

Bowen’s case recalls that of William Kelley, a Washington state man who called police last month to report the theft of his pickup truck.

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When officers looked at surveillance footage, they discovered Kelley had been in the act of robbing a nearby business while his car was stolen.

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