‘Deranged Leftist’ Caught on Video Assaulting Conservative Student – Then Claims He’s the Victim

A Sacramento State University student’s assault on a fellow classmate, reportedly over the issue of abortion, was captured on video and made waves on social media.

Floyd Johnson, a senior and member of the Sacramento State College Republicans, told NBC affiliate KCRA the dispute began over the issue of abortion and took place after class on Friday.

“I was coming out of the class through those doors right here,” Johnson said.

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In a video taken by Johnson, he and a student identified as Keaton Hill are seen exchanging words before Hill slaps Johnson.


Hill takes another swipe after he is pursued outside the building.

“What have I done?” Johnson is heard asking Hill in the video.

“You’re harassing me,” Hill is heard replying.

“You’re going to end up f—— dead,” Hill says to Johnson at one point during the video.

Hill, however, denied being the aggressor and suggested he was the one being victimized.

“I felt a little intimidated and scared,” Hill said in a phone interview with KCRA. “I think maybe my emotions got the best of me, and I tried to swipe the phone out of Floyd’s hand. I never tried to hit him or anyone else. I just wanted him to stop recording me and leave me alone.”

In an email seen by KCRA, the university directs Hill not to contact Johnson in any way.

The university sent out an email to all students in response to the incident.

“In today’s increasingly tense political climate, we must care for each other and treat one another with respect, despite our differences,” said Sacramento State President Robert Nelsen.

Meanwhile, the fallout from the assault has moved beyond the confines of the school.

Conservative personality Kaitlin Bennett shared the video to her nearly 250,000 followers on Twitter and referred to Hill as a “deranged leftist.”

Hill replied to Bennett by uploading a video of his own, in which he accused Bennett and “Republicans” of bigotry.

“Any of you Republicans that want to shame me for being the proud gay man that I am, you can try to shame me and say that I have AIDS all you want, you can kiss my butthole,” Hill said.

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Johnson has filed a report against Hill with university police, KCRA reported.

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