Katy Tur Suggests Trump Needs a Therapist, Like Her Transgender Dad

MSNBC’s Katy Tur was on Monday to promote her personal memoir Rough Draft, which she wrote after her Trump campaign memoir. Fresh AirNPR aired the entire hour. Tur talked about growing up with an abusive journalist father, Bob Tur, who now identifies as Zoey Tur. She said that he was like Donald Trump, being bombastic, volatile, and scary.


KATYTUR: It certainly did. You know that my father and Donald Trump share similar personalities. They are not the same person, but I don’t think so. It’s not true that they share the same views or support the same causes. However, personality types include things that are bombastic, magnetic, hilarious and volatile as well as scary and angry.

So when Donald Trump came at me in either a cruel or friendly manner, in banter-y (ph), I knew exactly how to counter that shot. It was something I could deal with. I was able to resist him. I was able to communicate with him. This was due to the fact that I grew up with similar personalities. They are not one and the same. In the book, I make it clear that they’re not the same person. But They could ask me the same thing.

Tur dated Keith Olbermann, a MSNBC celebrity before her breakup at NBC. Davies denied knowing about it.

TUR: I’m actually happy to hear that you didn’t even know that. It means you have been a distance. Keith was much younger when I started my career. Keith was also an enemy to Fox News and New York Post. So they tried to uncover as much information about him as possible to discredit or hurt him. It was clear that I was easy to target at that time. So they started digging up information about me. They also found a photograph of me at college, and posted it online.

I was followed around by that bimbo label for a long time, and whispers of “She only got this job because she had this or that.” Keith gave her this and she is here because she has a good relationship with people. As she does the work (laughter), she is doing a good job. I had to work hard for years to get over that. Even today, Keith is the one you can call to discredit me. My Twitter feed is full of people telling me that I slept my path to success, etc.

She joked it’s not as if Olbermann left networks like MSNBC “amicably.”

Tur complained at the end that news is too biased. Tur said, “And evidently some corners are worse then others. “And, I think that we should. My network allows me to do excellent, objective journalism during daytime hours. I am also concerned that viewers may be conditioned to believe they will get something.

This was Wednesday’s event:

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