Karma Bites the WaPo as ‘Libs of TikTok’ Triumphs – Opinion

As we reported earlier, the Washington Post’s “tech reporter” (can we say trash reporter?) Taylor Lorenz went about doxing the person who runs the “Libs of TikTok” (LoTT) Twitter account. What was LoTT’s offense? This is a re-posting of TikTok videos liberals and leftists posted. It shows how radical many were. If folks on the left think that’s just great stuff that the leftists post, then why are they upset that someone is just amplifying what the leftists are saying?

Of course, what liberals are upset about is that this is a window into how radical the left has become — they don’t want Americans to see that reality. That’s why they were trying to expose the anonymous account — to stop or hurt the person who was behind the account. They’re upset with the exposure, not with what some of the perverse things those liberal accounts are saying.

But now because of the WaPo’s huge faux pas, more people than ever are seeing what LoTT has been posting because of the spotlight from the WaPo. Brandon Morse, my coworker noted that it seems like the Streisand Effect has been on. Since April 17, LoTT has picked up more than 125,000 followers — going from 632,000 followers to 757,000 at last check.

Just in the past hour that I’ve been writing this story, the account has picked up several thousand more.

In addition to all the new followers, LoTT has now also picked up a partnership with the Babylon Bee, announced by the CEO, Seth Dillon, which will help enable LoTT to continue to do the work that she is so great at — making it a full-time career.

So great job, Taylor Lorenz, not only have you shined a much greater light on the work done by LoTT, but it looks like you’ve also helped get her a great deal into the bargain! Karma sometimes comes back when you’re trying to kill someone.

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