Kari Lake May Have Pulled It Out – Opinion

It wasn’t looking good for Kari Lake when people went to bed last night in Arizona.

But come the morning, she may have pulled it out, although people are still saying it’s too close to call in the Arizona gubernatorial race.

Right now she’s ahead by 11,324 votes — she’s at 46.2 percent of the vote and Karrin Taylor Robson is at 44.5. Donald Trump has endorsed Lake. Taylor Robson, the former governor, endorsed her. Mike Pence as well as Doug Ducey. Although approximately 88 percent are registered, a lead of more than 11,000 votes is impressive. I’m not sure what they are waiting on to call it when there’s that much of a difference. That’s making people have throwback memories to how Arizona was called soon in 2020. Now they’re thinking it’s being called late.

Lake has already shown that she is the winner by challenging Katie Hobbs in the Democratic primary.

Lake used to be an anchor for Fox 10 KSAZ TV.

Trump-supporting people love it. Meghan McCain is not. Although she was happy to celebrate early Robson’s win, she was wrong and the tide turned. She deleted her tweet.

It was followed by an attack against the MAGA People.

Now we’ll have to see what the general brings with Hobbs.

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