Strip Club Offers Special Deal to Get Stay-at-Home-Moms Naked

A strip club targeting stay-at-home mothers with an advertisement posted in view of a busy neighborhood street is sparking a free speech debate in one Nebraska city.

“Fully nude girls! Stay at home mom’s earn extra cash!” reads a controversial sign posted on the walls of Kandi’s Gentlemen’s Club in Omaha. “Apply within.”

Nearby residents have complained, but as one city councilman explained to a local news outlet, there are other concerns in play.

Councilman Pete Festersen told CBS affiliate KMTV that while he personally finds the sign distasteful, it falls under free speech protections. Festersen also said the city had forced Kandi’s to take the offending advertisement down in the past under temporary sign restrictions.

Another factor making it harder for the city to regulate the business has been Kandi’s lack of a liquor license, which has been denied. However, Kandi’s is appealing the decision.

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A “temporary closed” currently hangs on the front door, according to KMTV.

That likely won’t comfort neighborhood parents concerned that the sign hangs in full view of their young children. One such resident, Jetta Eveland, described an uncomfortable exchange she had with her 8-year-old son.

“My son has seen this sign and he has asked, ‘Mom, why would moms go be naked? Why do they want naked moms?’” Eveland told KMTV. “The fact that it has fully nude girls, stay at home moms, my son can read that, he knows what nude means and it’s just kind of terrible.”

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Kandi’s Gentlemen’s Club and the free speech debate

A societal battle over the right to give offense versus the right to not be offended has flared in recent years. Debates over political correctness, trigger warnings, microaggressions and the supposed “snowflake-ization” of the culture, can all in some way be tied to the free speech debate.

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