Kamala Offers Some Deep Thoughts to Encourage Suffering Americans – Opinion

Once again, we saw how dangerous it was to have Joe Biden as our representative overseas. He made three huge gaffes including saying that we would respond “in kind” if Russia launched a chemical attack in Ukraine, told American troops in Poland what they would face in Ukraine (and claimed some had already been there), and finally, seeming to suggest that the U.S. was pushing for regime change by saying that Putin “cannot remain in power.”

Talk of the 25th Amendment regarding Biden was immediately started. But what often stops the discussion of that when it comes to him is that his back-up — Kamala Harris — has a lot of issues of her own. So it’s a toss-up between the incoherence of Biden and Harris. Her incoherence isn’t dementia — her incoherence seems more that she doesn’t know what to say and gets lost in her own words, which is why she’s always coming out with these word salads and saying things that make no sense.

Harris got back to it when she joined Willie Moore on a national syndicated radio talk show. Moore asked Harris a question that many Americans are asking: How will you address high gasoline prices? It would be easy to assume that she will face this question often, and she ought to have an answer prepared. Not so much, though, because if this is the rehearsed answer, it’s completely lacking.

“We’ve been, um, you know, understanding that it is a real issue, um, what we have done is we’ve actually released some of the reserves,” Harris said. “Gas is just part of the issue of the cost of living, right?”

All she’s doing is restating that it’s a “real issue.” We know that. That’s a filler response when you have no answer. You have no idea what you are going to do. Saying that you’re going to rob the savings account of petroleum reserves isn’t a long-term answer to the solution of high prices — the answer to that is more production — that’s also the answer for American energy independence. But the Biden-Harris team doesn’t want to give that answer.

Moore asked Moore what she would say if she were to encourage America. The response was more shocking.

Was that really what she said? “I would say first of all thank you for being a fighter, for knowing that we have reason to have faith in what is possible but we have to work to make it achievable and that includes what folks did to get out and vote in 2020.” Now that’s one heck of a word salad. She continued, “I look at it as people put in their order — this is what they want.”

So your response to people who need encouragement with all the bad things going on with the Biden team is “Hey, this is what you wanted?” Read the room, Kamala, people don’t think that they got what they wanted with you guys — this is why Biden’s polls are in the basement.

We have to hand it to the folks over at the Free Beacon, they have a great Jack Handey-type of compilation of Kamala’s Veep Thoughts.

This would be hilariously funny — if Harris weren’t the back-up to the incoherent one. With these people in control, we are so in trouble.

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