Kamala Harris’s Disregard for the Hatch Act to Keep Virginia Blue

Kamala Harris (Vice President), who seems to be part of the witness protection program in relation to her role in the restoration of our southern border has been spotted again in a Video she sent to 300 Black churches in Virginia. She urges them to vote for Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic candidate for governor. Even reminding them that they are eligible to vote on Sundays after attending church, perhaps after having worshipped an Authority greater than the state, she urges them.

Did Harris just You are violating Hatch Act The Hatch Act says of employees of the federal government: “an employee may not use his official authority or influence for the purpose of interfering with or affecting the result of an election.” I’m sure “getting out the vote” for McAuliffe qualifies.

In the video, Harris touts what she says was McAuliffe’s record during his previous governorship from 2014 to 2018. Harris claims that he has brought in thousands of new jobs for the state. This was also the claim of former President Donald Trump. ClaimThis is the result. Although Trump is not credited by the Biden government for his actions, some policies have been quietly restored, like requiring that migrants remain in Mexico during asylum proceedings.

Another takeaway from Harris’ video is her inability to refer to anything Ralph Northam, the Democratic governor at the moment, did. As if Northam was erased from the memory like what the Soviet Union did with fallen-out-of-favor leaders whose photos were taken. Get scrubbed Official ceremonies and history are used to serve the Bolshevik propaganda machine.

In the video, Harris says when she attended church in Oakland, California, “it was our sacred responsibility to raise our voice and to lift up the voices of our community.” Translation: vote for Democrats, though their track record is less than admirable when it comes to serving Black and brown communities. Democrats believe that African Americans are never successful and always need government. Why is that? To do what? What can be done to reduce shootings within our cities’ major metropolitan areas? Encourage and maintain family unity. Allow parents to give their children the chance to leave failing schools. Give them the opportunity to pick a school that offers a quality education and is safe. None of these are possible. It is in Democrats’ self-interest to keep African Americans loyal and beholden to their party, though so little is given in return.

When a liberal Democrat “talks God” there is no criticism from the advocates of church-state separation because the left, which now dominates that party, knows they aren’t serious. If you disregard the warnings, exhortations, and gospel message, then you are free to call yourself whatever you wish. That’s why Roman Catholics like President Biden and Speaker Nancy Pelosi seem to get away with proclaiming themselves “faithful Catholics” yet ignore — even oppose — their church’s teaching on abortion, marriage and homosexuality. As long as you are for the same policies advocated by secular progressives you can be “religious,” and the left doesn’t care.

Democrats who told conservative Christians not to try and force their beliefs upon them by government clearly have no problems imposing misinterpretations on Scripture or non-beliefs using government and judicial fiat. Some are even inconsistent in those beliefs, accepting their church’s teaching when it opposes the death penalty for murderers, but rejecting teachings that seek to protect unborn human life.

Harris, who sent the video to Black Virginia church churches, is guilty of the same indescension seen over many years within her party regarding certain demographics. Harris is guilty of the same condescension we have seen for years within her party when it comes to certain demographics.

Harris will Harris be charged with violating Hatch Act? No. Washington will always defend its own, even if they are Republicans or Donald Trump.

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