Kamala Harris Speaks About the Economy, Assassination of Shinzo Abe, as She Panders to Voters Yet Again – Opinion

Democrats seek to rally their base in advance of the midterm election by emphasizing gun laws and abortion. As millions of families suffer from inflation and gas prices, the Biden administration has mainly placed the blame on the COVID-19 pandemic and Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine.

Vice President Kamala Harris was asked about various topics this week on “Face The Nation,” including abortion, the Supreme Court, and guns/the Second Amendment, as I wrote about earlier on Sunday.

She also answered questions regarding the economy, as well as the assassination and murder of Shinzo Abe, the former Japanese Prime Minister.

Harris responded to a CBS News survey that showed Americans feeling like the economy was in trouble when Harris was asked:

“There’s no question that people, working people, are paying more for gas main- paying more for groceries and that is why for our administration, it is one of our highest priorities to bring down the costs.

We, as you know, have released the Strategic Petroleum Reserve so that we’re releasing a million barrels of gas a day, of oil a day to bring down the price. We’re seeing prices come down, slowly, but it seems maybe surely.

We are doing what we need to do to say that we’ve got to bring down the cost of childcare and that includes a tax cut that we were able to pass yet not one Republican in the Senate voted for, which is an $8,000 tax cut for families raising children so that they can have a tax cut for food, for medication, for school supplies.

Without any support from Congress, we are advocating to lower child care costs. This includes the cost of a childcare provider. We’re saying working families shouldn’t pay more than 7 percent of their income in childcare costs.

So it is our highest priorities to bring down costs in particular for working people in our country and it is- it’s a real issue. There’s no question about it.”

I guess it’s good that she is acknowledging inflation is a big problem, but if they don’t contain it by November, Republicans have a very good chance to take the House and Senate in the midterm elections. I don’t see her answer giving a solution that would do that.

Harris also was asked questions about Shinzo Abe’s assassination.

“I was shocked, for so many reasons, beginning with the fact that Prime Minister Abe was a great friend to the United States, through many administrations. Joe Biden was fond of Abe and knows him very well.

And I’ve met with the most recent- past- Prime Minister of Japan and when we think about the relationship that we have developed over many years, and a shared vision that I think we have for that region of the world, but also the partnership, it was sad and shocking, and there’s no question that the Japanese people are mourning.

You know, if you look at his career, too, the length of time that he served really speaks to the impact he had on the country and- and the popularity of his presidency and his leadership.”

Harris tweeted about Abe’s death:

Harris’ supporters believed that she would take the Democratic nomination and win the presidency in 2024. But, due to her terrible approval ratings, Harris is not likely to be the nominee. Harris has a 40 percent “very unfavorable” opinion currently. Biden defended Harris by saying that she had issues with her position as border czar after Biden instructed illegals to travel to America when he was President. She is also seen as a clown when it comes to serious matters.

The Democrats’ last-ditch effort is being banked on people turning out and electing progressive candidates, but if they could contain inflation, at the least, they would have a better chance in the midterms–rather continuing to pandering to the far-left.

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