Kamala Harris Gives a Mind-Numbing Lesson on ‘Assault Weapons’ and ‘Venn Diagrams’ – Opinion

Kamala Harris recently got rid of another speech writer, but if her latest public appearance is any indication, the next one she hires isn’t going to help much. As she spoke about Venn diagrams and abortion on Monday on White House Live Stream, Harris tried to make sense of each subject.

On assault weapons, Harris spit out a word salad about their “purposeful” design that will have gun owners rolling their eyes.

It is not clear to me why Democrats consider this a useful talking point. Were “assault weapons” designed to kill (even accepting the label as appropriate here)? They were. What other guns could you use to kill people? They all. Literally, they all. It is absurd to think that an AR-15 with a.223 barrel is a mad invention of death when compared to a hunting rifle or handgun 9mm in size. Guns are all lethal. All must be protected and responsibly used.

Even still, the modern “assault weapon” was not designed simply to kill a lot of people “quickly.” It was designed to have low recoil, be accurate, and carry enough rounds so that you don’t get caught with your pants down. An AR-15 isn’t a military-grade, belt-fed M249 spraying nearly a thousand rounds a minute. Harris displays her ignorance of the subject whenever she speaks.

Harris continues to explore the mysteries of Venn diagrams.

Is this not why she is the most popular woman politician in the country. It’s a real mystery.

But I digress, I won’t belabor the cringe because Harris then made an argument that I think is worthy of rebuke. Harris attempted to link the pro-life abortion position to slavery.

Democrats may say many stupid things about abortion but act as if It is notIt is absurd to think that pro-life Americans are slaveholders because they would kill children. It’s taking reality and standing it on its head. The left argues that they can arbitrarily deny the personhood of their fellow humans in the womb. Is there anyone else who thought this way? This would include slaveholders.

The modern-day abolitionists who seek to preserve the right of every person to live are called Pro-lifers. Harris and her associates are the people who endanger lives in order to pursue convenience and political gain. If anyone should be compared to slaveholders, it’s them.

Harris remains a terrible politician, despite her attempts to broaden the scope. It is funny as well as sad that Harris consistently trails Joe Biden in terms of average approval ratings. Harris has a reputation for being unlikable and inauthentic. This is despite having a media who defends her and an audience that loves Harris. No new speechwriter is going to hide that, and unless she’s going to get a personality transplant sometime soon, her chances in 2024 look dim.

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