Justin Trudeau Expands His Tyranny With ‘No-Go Zones’ – Opinion

Justin is definitely not

(Fidel Castro’s son) Justin Trudeau has invoked emergency powers to crush Canadian truckers and he’s doing it not with a gun, but with a fountain pen. It’s not important that Ontario lifts mandates. Justin Trudeau is trying to convey a message to truckers and anyone supporting them by invoking emergency powers.

For the most part, modern authoritarians won’t use guns or fire hoses to put down speech they don’t like — they will use willing toadies and banks. Peaceful protests cannot have any impact without money. Money for the most part is electronic now and if authoritarians really want to squeeze people, they take away money – access to banks.

GoFundMe attempted to take $10,000,000, and was hammered by promises of lawsuits from states Attorneys General.  Canadian governments were open to the idea. Just a few days ago, even with opposition to Trudeau’s authoritarianism growing in Canada, Trudeau channeled his inner Fidel again and is shutting down the money supply to truckers.

He’s getting a helping hand from the media too. The media have exposed people who donated to truckers as part of an evident attempt at intimidation and doxxing donors. Justin is willing to stomp on speech he doesn’t like, deputize banks to do his dirty work, slander protestors and now he’s going to establish “no-go” zones with a sweep of his pen.

Che had guns. Justin only needs a fountain pens.

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