Fox News Puts Together Compilation of People Getting Mad at Anyone Who Didn’t Believe Jussie Smollett

As mounting evidence regarding Jussie Smollett’s allegations of being attacked by two Trump-supporting racists suggests the 36-year-old “Empire” actor made the whole thing up, the initial statements made (mostly) by liberals who were quick to support the television star are being revisited with fresh focus.

Fox News put together a handy video compiling the pundits, celebrities, and politicians who jumped to Smollett’s defense, in many cases chastising anyone who was skeptical of the actor’s implausible story. To say that, in retrospect, their words might have been too hasty, is an understatement.

California Rep. Maxine Waters, MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle, actress Ellen Page, and Sen. Corey Booker all make an appearance in the nearly minute long supercut.

Conservatives have been accused of “gloating” over the revelations, a charge they’ve answered by pointing out that it would seem reasonable to take pleasure in the fact that a vicious hate crime didn’t actually occur.

As for Smollett, his troubles continue – he turned himself in to police Thursday on a felony charge of filing a false police report. After posting a $100,000 bail, the actor returned to the set of “Empire,” only for the show’s executive producers to announce Friday he was being dropped because they want to avoid “further disruption” on set.

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