June Inflation Numbers Smash Expectations, Drawing Obscenities and Proclamations of Doom – Opinion

The latest consumer price inflation numbers are out, smashing “expert” expectations to clock in with a topline increase of 9.1 percent year over year. That represented a large increase over May’s 8.6 percent, once again rebuking the White House’s assertion that inflation is set to plateau and recede.

While energy products were the most popular, large increases in the prices of food items and high travel expenses contributed to chaos. While milk is up 16% compared with last year’s time, eggs (a product almost everybody buys) rose 33%.

Reactions to the devastating report ranged from obscenities and proclamations about doom.

Real wages are also lower due to skyrocketing inflation. Although the Biden Administration has claimed wage growth, it is not true. Inflation is making people poorer than before the Obama administration took office.

The worst part about this news is that there’s no end in sight. Although gas prices might be lower for some, the core inflation does not seem to be slowing. Democrat governance once more has produced an economy which crushes those they claim to love. That’s a lesson that should be remembered in future elections.

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