Judge Tells Poignant Story of Why Federal Judges Need Protection, Now More Than Ever – Opinion

With the effort of the Democrats to hold onto power for the last few years, we’re seeing the unraveling of a lot of the assumed norms of our Constitutional republic.

It used to be understood that as a politician you don’t comment on a pending case, much less try to influence that case. We’ve seen that go out the window with the Democrats. We also would think it was a well-understood norm that you don’t march on the homes of federal judges or try to force them to change their decisions. Here we are, with Democrats such White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki encouraging it and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi trying get the public pressure justices to make changes to their decision.

This dangerous path is not recommended, especially for those who already threaten the justice system.

Judge Esther Salas of the U.S. District court in New Jersey is probably the most knowledgeable person about how dangerous and hazardous this road is. Barack Obama appointed Esther Salas to the federal bench. However, she was angry at a man for doing her job. So he showed up one day to her house disguised as a deliveryman with the intention of killing her. Mark Anderl, her husband, and Daniel Anderl, were there to answer the door. The man pointed a gun at Salas’ husband. Her son ran into the path of the gunman and shot at her father. Her son died, while her husband suffered serious injuries.

Judge Salas has now spoken out asking for people to not let this kind of thing happen again. This is a very poignant plea especially in light of threats and harassment to the SCOTUS justices. Fox’s Dana Perino asked the judge if the DOJ should be enforcing the law that’s already on the books, 18 U.S.C. It is illegal for federal judges to be intimidated under Section 1507.

The judge answered that she thought the “rule of law” has to be followed by everyone.

“This is not a partisan issue. The time to act is now.” Salas urged that there be legislative action to help protect the federal judiciary before someone else faces the same kind of tragedy that she did.

“I live with the fact that my only child, my only child — Mark and I, we had one child and four miscarriages. Daniel is no more with us. Our son is no more. Why? It was because I was performing my job. There is absolutely no place in America for such conduct. It is important to be civil. It is important to maintain civility among ourselves and to preserve our democracy. We know what can happen if we don’t protect our democracy and our federal judges.”

It’s hard to be more heartfelt than that. But, the DOJ doesn’t seem to feel the same way and doesn’t seem interested in enforcing the law. Judge Salas is right; It shouldn’t be a partisan issue. But it’s become one, putting the justices and their families at risk.

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