Josh Hawley Called ‘Transphobic,’ Accused of Inciting Violence in Incredibly Wild Senate Testimony – Opinion

The Senate held a hearing on abortion on Tuesday, and as you’d expect, the insanity flowed like milk and honey. Democrats didn’t seem to be trying to make a change at all and decided to summon the most crazy witnesses possible to defend legalizing abortion until the birth.

It was a great time, especially between Senator Josh Hawley (UC Berkley School of Law) and Khiara Bridges (UC Berkley School of Law). To put it succinctly, Bridges is a case study in how woke ideology destroys the brain’s capacity to think critically.

The setup begins with Sen. John Cornyn’s questioning of the witness. She responded to his questions by using the phrase “person with a capacity for pregnancy” five times.

Hawley decided enough was enough. When it was his turn, he asked Bridges why she can’t just say “woman” given that it is women who can biologically get pregnant and give birth. That’s when things touched off, with Hawley being accused of being “transphobic” and inciting violence against “trans people.”

You can’t do anything but shake your head when you watch a clip like that. Here, we have a supposedly “educated” woman, who teaches law at a prestigious university, who apparently believes women do not actually exist. What about your mom? Your mother? Apparently, they are just a “person with the capacity to get pregnant.” How is this stuff not wildly offensive to all the third-wave feminists out there? You’d think they wouldn’t stand by while the woke left erases the entire concept of womanhood.

But it’s really the suggestion that Hawley is causing violence by simply acknowledging the objective truth that is the worst part of that clip. These kinds of attacks are now commonplace among the left. If you don’t agree with their orthodoxy on a subject, they engage in a type of political blackmail, where you must bend the knee lest you be responsible for people who get hurt or hurt themselves. The citations of suicides, and the transgender ideology are examples. As the line goes, if you dare say that a man can’t become a woman, you have now promoted the suicide of those who say they are transgender.

Yes, it’s an incredibly asinine accusation, but it’s one that many on the right don’t know how to respond to. It’s easy to answer: Tell those who accuse you of inciting violence to jump into a lake.

This blackmail is not something that anyone should treat as anything but the poor-faith trash they are. Emotional manipulation is when you demand that people agree to your demands or claim they are responsible for someone else’s suicide. Further, it’s the sign of someone who has no real argument. A person confident that the facts are on their side wouldn’t stoop to such stupidity. The left knows it doesn’t have the facts on its side, though. This is why you should expect more of the same in the future.

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