Jorge Ramos: Vaccine Skeptics Are a Danger to Democracy

Univision’s CEO has again had a Special Editorial advisor present a personal, far-fetched opinion. This time, Jorge Ramos elevated vaccine skepticism to “Big Lie” status and suggested that vaccine skeptics are a danger to democracy.

Watch as Ramos tried to create this new “big Lie” out of whole cloth:



Do you worry that there could be a two-pronged trend in conservatives who are made up of many Latinos? First, to say that vaccines don’t work. And second, to believe “The Big Lie” — that Donald Trump won the last presidential election and not Joe Biden. Are these big lies, and are they threatening democracy in the country?

This section contains a lot of misleading information. First, it is not only the province of conservatives to be skeptical about vaccines. Univision viewers might not know this, as the network has memory-holed Joe Biden’s and Kamala Harri’s roles in instilling early distrust of vaccines. Ramos might like to put vaccine skepticalism solely on conservatives. But this is not the truth.

But of greater concern was Ramos’s elevation of vaccine skepticism to “Big Lie” status. Reasonable people can have a discussion about the safety and efficacy of vaccines, but I suspect that Ramos isn’t just talking about that. I suspect that Ramos has adopted the Merriam-Webster definition of “anti-vaxxer” and has used vaccine skepticism as a handy euphemism for broader opposition to onerous COVID-19 mitigation measures such as: masking requirements for children in schools, private-sector vaccine mandates via OSHA rule, and vaccine passports as required in places like New York.

Ramos believes that Congress should convene an independent commission to examine vaccine dissidents and vaccine skeptics. Do you think the Department of Justice should create a counterterror section to look into parents opposing school mandates that mask children’s names? His “Big Lie” language, at a bare minimum, would suggest so.

By fully embracing the biomedical surveillance state and declaring dissidents to be a threat to democracy (albeit within the framing of a question), Ramos has forever abdicated his role as a journalist “just asking questions” who stands opposite to power. Ramos’ declaration that vaccine skeptics are a threat to democracy puts him in complete alignment with power.

Exit question: Given Ramos’ role as Special Editorial Advisor to the CEO of Univision is this also the network’s official editorial position?

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