Joe Scarborough’s Backtrack on His Rittenhouse Lie Shows What’s Wrong With Media – Opinion

One of the things that we’ve seen in regard to the case of Kyle Rittenhouse has been a massive fake news campaign as to what the actual facts were. We saw media repeatedly putting false information out there, such as claiming that Rittenhouse brought a gun across “state lines” — as though that was some magical evil thing when it had no relation to the facts of this case. It means nothing and he didn’t do it anyway. We saw them leave the impression in people’s minds that this was all about someone wanting to go shoot up a BLM protest.

Here’s a supercut of some of those folks who Rittenhouse should be suing after, hopefully, his acquittal.

But, now that all evidence is in, one would expect them to have rectified themselves, or at least back down from some of their false claims. Not so much, when it comes to MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough.

Is it possible to count the number of things he does wrong? This is not true, but it was what Scarborough sent out yesterday to any audience he still holds.

He repeats the magical “state lines” mantra and falsely claims Rittenhouse bought the gun, when he did not. Rittenhouse falsely claimed that he was a member of the militia. But perhaps the worst lie was that he fired “60 rounds,” making it appear like he was just wildly shooting trying to take people out as opposed to firing not anywhere close to 60 rounds in very limited self-defense circumstances. He didn’t fire on anyone who was not attacking him.

One has to wonder if Scarborough was given a lecture by MSNBC lawyers about the things he stated. He then posted a correction on Twitter. It did not correct his entire falsehoods but it corrected the 60-round lie.

So obviously he’s saying that he hasn’t followed the case for more than a minute. That’s despite reporting on it and expecting anyone to take what he says seriously. There’s the media problem in a nutshell right there: They don’t care about the truth, it isn’t even worth their time — that one minute — to get that basic fact right about the shooting, to get right the fact that there weren’t 60 rounds fired or the gun was never carried across state lines. He claims he meant “60 seconds.” If you listen to what he said, you know that’s a lie.

Are you going to let him correct this lie and tell the truth on-air, not with just a Tweet?

But the media still haven’t learned their lesson because they continue with the lies about the judge, trying to spin a likely acquittal as somehow a bias of the judge, and Scarborough was, once again, all-in on that. They flipped out because of the report that the judge had the ringtone “God Bless the USA” on his phone because it’s played at Trump rallies. It was horrifying! They twisted a supply chain crisis joke he made about lunch into a racist comment which it wasn’t. Today, the judge even suggested that he should stop talking about lunch.

I just hope the jury is able to see through all the prosecution’s lies and can get to the truth with all this nonsense obscuring it.

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