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Last night, clips began to trickle out from an hours-long interview Joe Rogan did with CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta on his top-rated podcast. RedState was able to cover the train crash that occurred. Gupta couldn’t speak and struggled with his different views on COVID-19 risk management.

We have more clips this morning. And we finally have what most people wanted. In it, Rogan presses Gupta on CNN lying about human form ivermectin being “horse dewormer,” a media narrative that exploded after the former was prescribed it as part of a treatment regimen for COVID-19.

Here’s what that sounded like, and it was nothing good for Gupta.

Gupta in the video is interrogated about the reasons his network spread false information concerning Rogan, ivermectin and other topics. CNN hosts attack the former as an anti-vaccine kook who uses animal medicines.

This led to the hilarious joke.

Gupta just has no answer for why he, as CNN’s chief medical analyst, did nothing to quell the hysteria his network spread over Rogan taking ivermectin.

In the clip, Gupta tried to smooth things over by asking “what did they say,” as if he wasn’t aware of a multi-day freakout on his own network. After Rogan clarifies, the TV doctor admits multiple times they shouldn’t have framed the discussion that way. Still, he doesn’t actually apologize or directly condemn any of the other figures on CNN who spouted the disinformation in question.

At another point, the FDA’s response to Rogan is brought up, which included a snarky tweet saying “you are not a horse.” Again, Gupta is somewhat conciliatory but tries to shift to the idea that some were actually taking the animal form of the medication. Rogan disagreed and quickly went back to his own situation.

Toward the end, Gupta is good and fully cornered, with Rogan asking him why he as the “medical guy over there” didn’t push back on the lies being spread. He concedes that he should have but that he “didn’t ask” any of his colleagues prior to the podcast why they did what they did.

Gupta is seen trying to calm the situation with techniques that can be used to come to common ground. It just doesn’t work here, though. Rogan has not only the facts to his side but also common sense. CNN’s treatment of Rogan was an abominable breach in journalistic ethics. The liberal network chose to propagate a false narrative in order to take political shots at a podcast host they don’t like.

Gupta tried to declare some victory after the interview.

I’m glad he did the interview too, and to be completely fair, major props to him for following through. Many media figures would not have done it. His tweet is completely different from the one he gave during his interview. That’s part of the inauthenticity problem at CNN. Their hosts who are stuck in their bubbles take a totally different approach.

Regardless, everyone spouting off about “horse-dewormer” knew that wasn’t what Rogan was taking. Gupta, being in the position he’s in, had the chance to do the right thing as an authoritative figure given his credentials. Gupta sat by as his clownish coworkers propagated falsehoods. Gupta may seem like a nice man, which he truly is, but he was still guilty of the underdressing that he received. You cannot be two different people depending on who owns the camera that’s on and not be called out for it.

This interview with Rogan and a CNN talk head is likely to be Rogan’s last. This exposes too much.

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