Joe Rogan Embarrasses People Angry About the Term “Groomer” In Latest Rant – Opinion

Groomers really don’t like the term groomer, but when you’re attempting to sexualize children for personal or political purposes, then that’s exactly what you are. Joe Rogan, a podcast host, went on a little rant and pointed out something groomers need to understand.

Rogan was speaking to Gad Saad during the Joe Rogan Experience. Rogan brought up the issue of some very bizarre people. Some believe that children should be exposed to sexualization, gender identification, or sex. These people really don’t like the term they’ve been saddled with, but as Rogan points out, if the boot fits you’re going to wear it, and maybe they should start at not grooming kids.

Rogan began by pointing out that there’s a difference between education and indoctrination and to these activists attempting to confuse the two, Rogan has only one thing to say; “f**k you.”

“Someone said to me — or I read this — that the term “groomer”…a lot of people online don’t like that term. They’re very upset,” said Rogan. “But they’re real. There are groomers.”

“Do you not like it because you don’t want children to be groomed, or do you not like it because it’s a pejorative that’s used against the left?” asked Rogan, noting that the latter is more likely.

“Here’s what’s more important,” he continued. “Not have people groom your f***ing kids. That’s what’s more important than you getting uncomfortable with this word because it’s used by people on the right.”

Rogan said that an intelligent person suggested to Rogan that groomers be a little taboo.

“No, there should be no groomers!” said Rogan.

Rogan would go on to make it clear that not all teachers are groomers, but a lot of groomers are teachers and it’s become a very real problem. Many teachers were caught performing lewd acts in front of their students, including nakedness or other serious crimes.

The Twitter account “Libs of TikTok” has made a habit of documenting many of these teachers who openly admit to attempting to indoctrinate students with sexualization, resulting in many of them being fired from their jobs. Yet, teachers brag about how they exploit children in public.

The term “groomer” is one of those times where the left has lost total control over the language, which is usually step one of controlling the narrative. When they tried to force radical topics on American children, the left got into trouble and continued to push for it even though Americans made it clear they weren’t on board. As such, the term “groomer” came into being and has stuck to everyone from actual groomers to leftists who attempt to run defense for them.

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These people are becoming less popular with the general public. Many parents have started to take a stand against their children’s groomers. They want them fired, replaced by board members. Yet, despite the outcry mixed with action, these groomers can’t seem to understand that what they’re doing is wrong. In fact, they seem to think it’s a sign they need to push harder.

If that’s the case, then they can expect the public to react all the more fiercely.

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