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I’ve said before how the Civiqs poll seems to be a precursor for where the other polls will be heading next, despite some blasting it as an outlier. I’ve looked at it now over months in terms of Joe Biden’s approval and it hit a low of 29 about ten days ago. Right now, it’s at 30 percent.

The Quinnipiac Poll is now at 31 percent, a record low. So it’s come down to about where the Civiqs poll has been for the past couple of weeks.

A Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday revealed the President’s likeability only continues to nose-dive, after 71% of Americans said they do not want Biden to rerun in 2024. The poll found that only 41% of Democrats would love to see Biden return, while 54% said no.

However, 69% would prefer to see former President be nominated for the GOP nomination, while 27% wouldn’t.

Civiqs is an anomaly, so much for it being.

Quinnipiac University Polling Analyst Tim Malloy found that Biden had lost support in his party’s eyes. Not surprisingly, the most important issue continues to be the economy and only 28 percent approved of Biden’s handling of that, with 66 percent disapproving. That’s what continues to bring his numbers down.

Real Clear Politics is also trending south with an average of 37.5 percent approval, and 57.2 percent disapproval for Biden.

Biden’s solution to his continual sinking polls in the face of real anger over the economy, inflation, and gas prices? Biden wants to invest more and get involved in his global warming agenda. He’s even considering declaring a “climate emergency,” something which would further devastate the economy. This could drive gas prices higher and increase the uncertainty in the industry. He wonders why his numbers are falling. He just keeps doing the same things wrong, expecting a different result, but then throwing a tantrum when people bring up reality to him, such as when a reporter mentioned to him that most Democrats don’t even want him to run again now in 2024. Biden claimed that this was false, despite polls.

Even Jill Biden’s numbers are bad too, almost as low as her husband’s. So she isn’t helping the situation.

Americans look at what Biden is doing and they think he’s either clueless or he wants the country to fail. But they know that in either case, what he’s doing is harming the country and making their lives so much more difficult.

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