Joe Biden’s Failed Attempt at a Disinformation Force Might Seem Frivolous, but We Need to Be Wary – Opinion

The quick failure of Joe Biden’s disinformation force shows why we needed to oppose it.

I have segued into a full-time role in covering our country’s press complex in the past couple of years. These communicators are as corrupt as any we might find. It is essential to eradicate their ethics. Many times, I receive comments telling me not to bother because biases in journalism have been well-known for a long time. It is important to understand that this isn’t a pretext for me presenting breaking news. I expose their methods on a regular basis in order to counter their narratives.

Case in point – Joe Biden’s recent attempt at establishing the Disinformation Governance Board. 

Threatens this Ministry of Truth attempted division It was realHowever, there are also realities that the administration tried to avoid. Because it was government-owned, it was doomed. This is not to say it should not have been attacked for the propaganda effort that it was, but we did see many of the inherent problems of this being a typical federal agency – starting with the name, which managed to generate to ominous acronym DGB, sounding just as bad as your run of the mill, communist wrong-think authority.

According to some sources, the DGB was established in help combat undermining effortsWe were faced with threats from foreign governments that could threaten our national governmental operations. This is the beginning of many problems that this agency has faced. This mission statement was echoed by the Russian collusion campaign in obvious ways. It was also quite unfortunate. The Board was established to protect against misinformation. 

But that didn’t stop the curtain from being pulled to expose what was really going on. Nina Jankowicz (the Disinformation Czar) was chosen to manage this fiasco. A woman of questionable merit, Nina Jankowicz has a high skill set. Her comments from the past and her current commentary quickly became public on social media. This gave us a glimpse of what this outfit could bring. Janx had plenty to say about misinformation, fighting back against negative narratives and Mary Poppins’ karaoke.

This is the hook: Her evidenceAll examples, suggestions, and guidelines were included. centered on commentary found on the right sideAll political parties. It was absurd that she operated as if misinformation was coming from the left or Democrats. This narrow focus revealed both the greedy establishment of the division as well as the ineptitude behind it.

The formation of DGB was praised by many in the media. Brian Stelter saw the formation as being little more than “common sense.” Many in the press hailed its arrival, clearly a sign they felt they were all on the good side of government authorities. It was the reaction of journalists who saw the establishment of the statist thought police and assumed they would soon be deputies.   

It was not obvious to the media what this office would look like under a Republican presidency. A GOP President would take the office’s reins, and the public would hear the grumblings about the potential dangers. This is probably well before the fireworks hit the floor at the triumph speech. This shows how blindsighted and naive the so-called arbiters free speech were.

The lack of reality as it emerged from the dissolution of the DGB is a result of the media’s loyalty to the administration. As criticisms began to mount, last week it was revealed that the new department was unable to deal with this problem. Alejandro Mayorkas said that there was a problem with the new department’s formation because the reasons for its creation were not clear. 

This week’s news showed a similar lack of self-awareness. The New York Times seems to be unaware of how absurdly ridiculous it sounds to try to justify the closure of DGB.

The Babylon Bee can write this synopsis, which will be just as entertaining. Taylor Lorenz, the Queen of Misinformation, echoed Taylor Lorenz’s inadequacy.she accessed the inequitable treatment assessment Nina Janx got. It was funny to watch Lorenz attempt to portray as sympathetic an image of the situation and, in doing so, highlight the scattered ineptitude that all parties saw.

According to several people familiar with the matter, DHS made Monday the decision to close down the board. But Tuesday night, Nina Jankowicz was pulled into an urgent call with DHS officials who gave her the choice to stay on, even as the department’s work was put on hold because of the backlash it faced. In the event of a Homeland Security Advisory Council review, it is possible that the board will be closed. On Wednesday morning, Jankowicz officially resigned from her role within the department.”

Yes, it is not hard to figure out how things went wrong so quickly. It was impossible to even find solid ground about what these groups were supposed to be working against. According to Taylor Lorenz, “Working groups within DHS focused on mis-, dis- and mal-information…” It might seem trivial for me to note there was not a firm definition for them, but when you cannot even get the trivial things nailed down, you…well, you sound like any other failed government entity.

So as a result, this ardent and media-supported effort to battle bad narratives lasted all of three weeks – exactly the same CNN+ is able to extend your life expectancy. I might be so brazen as to suggest this is starting to look like a dysfunctional pattern developing in the media environment, but then I risk running afoul of the disinformation authority – whoever that may be that rises up next month.

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