Joe Biden Spilling the Beans on Training Troops in Poland and Calling for Regime Change in Russia Is Reckless and Dangerous – Opinion

Earlier today, my colleague Bonchie posted on the imbecilic statement made by  Joe Biden at the NATO summit in Warsaw, Poland, on Saturday. Apparently, Joey SoftServe went off script and proclaimed, when speaking about Russian President Vladimir Putin, “this man cannot remain in power.” See Here’s Why Biden’s Putin-Regime Change ‘Gaffe’ Was So Egregious.

It is pointless to criticize Biden’s stupidity. You will be overwhelmed by how many times Biden repeats a statement that is so absurd, counterfactual or dangerous. Imagine you have the strength and energy to deal with another Biden quote. In that case, there is a battalion of failed journalism students working for PolitiFact, Snopes, the Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler, and Facebook’s viciously dishonest International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) lurking to defend what Biden said and prove it accurate.

Biden’s statement in Warsaw probably succeeded in making the Ukraine war much longer than it was going to be. As Bonchie said,

Returning to Putin, his entire argument for invading Ukraine has centered on the idea that NATO is imperialistic and wants to threaten Russia’s internal affairs. Far short of being “tough” on Putin, Biden’s comments were a gift to the dictator because they conceded his premise, and that is a premise other Western nations have been working so hard to disprove.

The only way this war ends is if the Russian people decide they’ve had enough and invite Tommy DeVitoVladimir Putin at an init ceremony. Biden has thrown Putin a lifeline by publicly validating Putin’s narrative that NATO is out to crush and marginalize Russia (though there is a lot to be said for the idea). There is no amount of backtracking or appealing to Biden’s Irish heritage that will unf*** what Biden did last Saturday.

By the way, Biden is not any more “Irish” than tens of millions of Americans and less than a lot. Racism and other racial or ethnic prejudice stem from the belief that our personality traits are passed down through our ancestry. If Panetta is able to engage in his stereotype, so can I.

The brain dead ad-libbing Joe Biden did in Warsaw might have extended the war in Ukraine, but his lack of self-discipline and situation awareness on Monday could very well expand the war in Ukraine and set off a larger European war (read Nickarama’s White House Now Has to Clean up a Fourth Bad Comment From Joe Biden).

It is possible that the sign language interpreter in this video was a fake, which I assume by the way.

Return to the video. This question is answered in the video.

After delivering remarks about the White House’s new budget request, Biden answered a reporter’s question about comments he made when meeting the 82nd Airborne in Poland, in which he implied American forces would be going to Ukraine. Biden denied that’s what he meant, adding: “We’re talking about helping train the Ukrainian troops that are in Poland.”

Pressed again, Biden said, “I was referring to being with, and talking with, the Ukrainian troops that are in Poland.”

At a White House Press Briefing on March 22, Jake Sullivan, the National Security Advisor was asked about Britain and the US training Ukrainian soldiers in Poland. This question is being answered by the video.

Q Do the U.S. have troops currently in Eastern Europe, or elsewhere training Ukrainians?

MR. SULLIVAN: …On the question of U.S. troops, we do not have U.S. troops currently training Ukrainians. There are no U.S. forces on Ukraine’s territory. The U.S. does have troops on the territory of NATO, which provides reassurance and deterrent to Russian aggression.

And the United States has a significant role to play in the provision of military equipment directly to Ukraine as well as in facilitation of military gear provided by other Allies.

What is the point?

Russia, like any other reasonably conscious individual, knows that NATO supplies Ukraine with arms and ammunition that are essential to its fight. These supplies are mainly coming through Poland to Ukraine. Russia isn’t happy about it (Russia Demolishes a Ukrainian Training Camp on the Polish Border as Putin Gives Joey SoftServe a Brushback Pitch), but so far, Russia has not attempted to attack supplies in transit from Poland to Ukraine.

There is however a significant difference between sending weapons, ammunition and supplies to Ukraine, as well as helping to organize and train tactical units in Ukraine that are committed to fighting. Such an act could move Poland and those nations that provided the training would be considered active belligerent.

It is always a question of who told the truth. Jake Sullivan? Was he the one who braided his nose in the Hillary Clinton email/personal telephone scandal? Or was it our beloved Joey SoftServe, who has barely sufficient intellectual power to detect the sun’s arc?

Politico is a good example.

According to a senior official in the administration, U.S. troops assist Ukrainian forces in Poland with loading weapons that they can drive to Ukraine. As they do so, they provide verbal instruction on how to use the weaponry, like anti-aircraft missiles, but don’t lead Ukrainian forces through physical drills.

Gen. Todd Wolters, the head of U.S. European Command and NATO’s supreme allied commander, told the Senate Armed Services Committee today that’s as far as the military-to-military interactions in Poland go. “I do not believe that we are in the process of currently training military forces from Ukraine in Poland,” he said. “There are liaisons that are there that are being given advice, and that’s different than I think you’re referring to with respect to training.”

“There are Ukrainian soldiers in Poland interacting on a regular basis with U.S. troops, and that’s what the President was referring to,” said a White House official.

The non-denial denial is striking. If you are head of USEUCOM and NATO commander, you have no excuse for “believing” what is going on in your area of operations involving troops from your home country. They are there, or they aren’t. You also don’t give someone “verbal instructions” on using weaponry and send them off. This is an actual task. (This story just appeared on CNN’s website since I started writing this: US troops in Poland are training Ukrainians on how to use weapons sent by the West. It confirms we are doing more than providing “verbal instructions.” I’d be shocked if there were not a Javelin simulator somewhere to be found.)

My gut instinct is that they are training Ukrainian soldiers in Poland. More likely than not, they are being recruited from the men who fled the war to get their families to safe harbor and are now going back to “get some,” especially now that the situation looks favorable for Ukraine. It is possible that we will also oversee the reconstruction of Ukrainian units, which were taken out of service to add or retrain replacements. It would all provide Putin, who is becoming increasingly desperate for help, with an easy target.

Regardless, this leads to the same problem that Bonchie pointed out regarding Biden’s regime change comment. Biden is utterly incapable of refraining from trying to go “Corn Pop” and showing everyone how tough and manly he is (despite the stories in his daughter’s diaryHe may be lying about his knowledge to show that he is more knowledgeable than the rest of the media. He’s reckless. He’s dangerous. He will cause a war that none of us wants or needs (‘The Joke Is Over, Too Much Is at Stake’: Tucker Says It’s Time to Invoke 25th Amendment Against Joe Biden).


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