Joe Biden Announces a Mind-Numbingly Stupid Move on Gas Prices – Opinion

As has become typical during most Democrat administrations in the modern era, gas prices have exploded during Joe Biden’s tenure. Gas prices are now at $4.10 per gallon on average, almost twice what they were when Biden was elected the winner in 2020.

And while the White House would love to claim the rise is solely due to Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, the precipitous rise began over a year before that. That’s largely due to Biden’s anti-energy policies. Biden repeatedly promised that he would end fossil fuel use while campaigning to become president. As president, he’s shut down pipelines and frozen federal leases. Donald Trump’s energy independence has left the United States dependent once more on foreign tyrants.

With that said, the Biden administration has been touting a “big” announcement to help lower gas prices. Is the President willing to approve additional pipelines, speed up the permit process and/or make leases easier and more affordable for drilling?

Nah, he’s going to allow an E15 blend during the summer months instead.

It’s like getting a gunshot wound, then sticking your finger in it. While you may be able to slow down the bleeding temporarily, the final result will prove more damaging than beneficial. E15, a waste blend of fuel, is more harmful to engines than other mixtures and has fewer miles per gallon. Even though the price per gallon may be lower, drivers will still spend more to travel the same distance on E15 than they would with regular gasoline. You don’t even have to consider the repair expenses that may be incurred if ethanol damages seals, pistons, or other components of the engine.

It appears that the Biden administration just wants to be able to say they “lowered” gas prices without any care for the actual result, which is typical. The White House values shallow communication over finding effective solutions. It doesn’t matter what else the president says, as long it is able to talk about something.

What number of gas stations are you aware that have E15-pumping pumps installed? There aren’t any in my area. There are 2300 across the United States, according to my calculations. That’s compared to over 150,000 total gas stations.

This policy shift by Biden on many fronts is therefore ineffective. The E15 blend itself is inefficient and damaging, but even if it weren’t, it’s widely unavailable anyway. There are ways that gas prices can be reduced. We are telling low-income families that they should buy electric cars, instead of applying those methods. If the White House pushing such stupidity isn’t a microcosm of the current regime, I’m not sure what is.

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