Trump Wants to Add ‘Dem Destroyer’ Jim Jordan to His Impeachment Legal Team, AP Reports

President Donald Trump is reportedly looking into adding Rep. Jim Jordan to his impeachment legal team.

The Ohio Republican is in the running for a role on Trump’s defense team ahead of a Senate impeachment trial, the Associated Press reported, citing an anonymous source familiar with the situation.

Texas Republican Rep. John Ratcliffe is also being considered for a spot on the legal team, according to the source.

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Ratcliffe and Jordan would join the defense’s current members, Trump’s personal lawyer Jay Sekulow and White House counsel Pat Cipollone.

A final decision has not been reached yet, according to the AP.

Widely celebrated by conservatives as a “destroyer” of Democrats for his no-holds barred rhetorical style, Jordan was temporarily appointed to the House Intelligence Committee during public impeachment hearings in November.

Arkansas Rep. Rick Crawford gave up his seat on the committee to make way for Jordan.

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“@GOPLeader and @DevinNunes will ensure the American people hear the full truth while @Jim_Jordan will add critical bandwidth and legal expertise to the House Intelligence Committee during these upcoming public hearings,” Crawford tweeted at the time.

Jordan’s performance during the impeachment proceedings was roundly praised on the right.

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