Heckler Calls Nadler a ‘Loser’ as Dem Rep. Speaks to Reporters About No Collusion Findings

“You guys are a bunch of losers!”

Rep. Jerry Nadler was heckled by a pedestrian Monday as he addressed reporters regarding the findings in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation report.

While claiming that President Donald Trump won’t be able to use executive privilege to circumvent future Democrat investigations into his administration, a heckler repeatedly interrupted the New York Democrat.

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“The President could try to exercise executive privilege, but it won’t be successful,” Nadler told reporters. “Executive privilege must be asserted by the president personally …”

At that point the heckler could be heard interrupting Nadler’s speech.

“You guys are a bunch of losers!” the heckler said, adding, “You guys lose again, Nadler!”

A visibly flustered Nadler attempted to continue speaking, comparing Trump’s legal case to that of the Watergate scandal that eventually brought down former President Richard Nixon.


“As the Nixon case in front of the Supreme Court, which was decided 9-0 pointed out, executive privilege cannot be used to shield or hide wrongdoing,” Nadler says. “In the case of Nixon, the tapes of his personal conversations with people were ordered revealed by the court. So I don’t think that executive privilege will be a very successful defense here,” Nadler says as the nearby pedestrian continues to heckle him.

“Good job, Democrats! Real good job,” the heckler exclaimed as Nadler concluded his remarks.

After two years of investigating Russia’s potential interference in the 2016 election, Special Counsel Robert Mueller delivered Friday his final report to Attorney General William Barr.

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Central to the report was whether or not Trump or his campaign colluded with the Russians in an attempt to swing the election in his favor. Barr submitted a summary of the report’s findings to congress, noting that Mueller’s team was unable to find evidence of collusion.

Democrats have indicated they will not accept the report’s conclusions, vowing instead to continue with their own investigations into the president and his associates.

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