Jen Rubin’s Latest Take on Joe Biden Will Make Your Head Spin Completely Around – Opinion

What would we do without the WaPo’s Jen Rubin? Most humans are usually right, at most. But she’s evidence that someone can be constantly wrong. Some of those wrong takes are real whoppers, like the one where she urged the media to stop treating Republicans like they were “normal politicians,” claiming that they were “a party that spends its entire time cooking up ridiculous culture memes & fanning violence & coming up with outright lies.” She also flipped out with a nastygram to Politico after they asked her for comment on a story they were running about how frequently the Biden Administration was pimping her columns.

Then there’s her latest opinion piece which goes to new heights of absurdity when it comes to Joe Biden.

“If it weren’t for inflation,” her headline blared, Biden’s “economic performance would be unmatched.”

Here’s what she has to say.

Looking at the big picture, Biden’s economic record is extraordinary, but it is marred by inflation. Whether responsible or not for the latter, Biden is unlikely to improve the public’s surly mood until inflation abates. That is bad news for Democrats’ chances in the midterms, but if the Fed brings down inflation without driving the country into a recession, Biden’s economic record may be viewed as one of the most successful in history. That is a big “if.”

It’s comments like this that make one dismiss the media and any claims that they make. How do you judge the economy without looking at the inflation that is making this a horrible economy for Americans — the worst inflation in 40 years? And that’s not just some random problem he was stuck with — his policies of too much spending actively led to inflation. Some try to give him credit for “job growth,” and even that’s a false figure when it’s mostly people returning to work after the pandemic — that’s not Biden “creating” new jobs. Jen Rubin, a RINO and a leftist like Joe Biden are so desperate that they will say such unbelievable statements to make it seem like Biden is in need of a cover.

Rubin got inundated with “if not for” statements.

Rubin’s statement has the same kind of vibe. The comment is similar to that made by Biden’s NEC director Brian Deese last September, who said if you just don’t count the price of meat, food wasn’t that expensive. He works for the Biden Administration, so we know he’s going to lie. What’s Jen Rubin’s excuse for prostrating herself before the incoherent mess that is Biden? How pathetic is this transformation for someone who used to claim to be conservative

But this is where liberal media is at now — she’s just one of the worst examples. They’ll say and do whatever it takes to support Joe Biden or the Democrats. But Americans who have to deal with the economy and see that they can’t afford what they could before know the truth. It’s easy to see and feel the difference. And it’s hard for the Democrats to deal with that, even if they have most of the media in their hip pockets.

The latest numbers in an NBC News poll aren’t looking good for Jen Rubin’s thesis or her hero, Joe.

Which person did Americans attribute most of the blame for this poll? Biden at 38 percent. It’s that income falling behind, with the larger number of folks blaming Biden that’s going to kill the Democrats come November. All the ridiculous columns from Jen Rubin between now and then aren’t going to head that off. But rest assured, we’ll be seeing the White House team pimping this latest one from her.

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