Jen Psaki Insults Our Intelligence When Asked About Biden Not Being ‘Most Effective Communicator’ – Opinion

Perhaps because Jen Psaki will soon be leaving her post as White House press secretary for a cushy gig on MSNBC’s “Peacock” streaming service, the notoriously dishonest frontwoman for President Joe Biden has decided to just let it rip in her final days in office with a level of gaslighting that would make even Baghdad Bob blush.

We reported that Psaki made some wild claims during a recent interview with Chris Wallace, CNN+ host. In one, she inadvertently demonstrated exactly why we need laws like Florida’s “Parental Rights in Education” law when she in so many words argued that the law was the solution to a problem that “I don’t think exists” (it does). The interview also featured her absurd assertion that Biden wasn’t shielded by the press, even though Wallace provided numerous facts that supported this claim.

During a Wednesday Bipartisan Policy Center/White House Correspondents Association discussion panel hosted by NBC News senior White House correspondent Kelly O’Donnell, Psaki was at it again, this time after being asked by O’Donnell about the “perception” that Joe Biden is not very good at getting the message out.

Here’s how their exchange went down:

O’DONNELL: So that’s interesting to hear you [Biden senior adviser Cedric Richmond]Because outside observers may not see him as the best communicator, I believe that you can say this. His inability to convey his message has led him to be criticized at times. At times, he’s also very folksy and is able to connect with people one on one. But this White House has struggled at times with the message on issues whether it’s COVID, whether it’s the domestic agenda. You’ve also been, of course, hit with lots of issues, as every White House is that are not of your own making that are the forces that happen to any White House. Are you frustrated at times by the perception that the president has of himself as his messenger?

PSAKI: It’s an interesting question. You see, every president, even though they may not be feeling frustrated in certain moments, does not feel that their ideas, passions or policies are being taken into consideration. There’s lots of reasons for that. There are many good questions. I’m not going to answer them all. But, like are lengthy speeches still an effective way of communicating with people? You’d be surprised if that is the case. I mean, we know that because … there’s a lot of ways that people digest information. He would like to travel more outside of the country. We’ve been talking about this for a while.

I mean, he’s traveling three times this week, and in some ways I look at – He and I have COVID limitations, which have made it difficult for people to perceive his magic at all times.


Oh, she’s trying to trick us. The COVID pandemic only limited Biden’s ability to VisitNot his speaking ability, but the places he is in. It doesn’t matter if someone can speak clearly online, or if they have a good messenger.

But let’s be crystal clear here: Not only is Joe Biden not an effective messenger in any way shape, form, or fashion, but the public speaking “limitations” set upon him came from Biden’s handlers in the White House including Psaki, who saw that hiding him in the basement for much of the 2020 campaign season, ostensibly on grounds that he was trying to keep himself and others “safe” during the coronavirus outbreak, was a useful tactic that helped them minimize the damage that inevitably occurs whenever the press is given access to him and he opens his mouth and speaks extemporaneously.

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