Jen Psaki Has Been Completely Consumed by the Delusions of Washington – Opinion

Jen Psaki isn’t long for her job at the White House.

Having reportedly accepted a job with MSNBC that will include a primetime show, Biden’s press secretary will make one of the easiest transitions in politics. You can’t be both a liberal cable news anchor and a Democrat government official. That’s a dynamic that never ceases to amaze, given how loudly liberals complain when Republicans end up on Fox News, but I digress.

Psaki has been on a media tour of sorts the last few weeks, and as RedState reported, things got really awkward when she was asked about Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law. We now have video footage, even though the audio report was only.

This isn’t about me trying to influence her emotional responses. Yes, I think it’s ridiculous to break down over state laws that are seeking to stop the mutilation and sexualization of children, but clearly, Psaki believes every word she’s saying. She truly thinks that it is harmful to not “transition” kids and expose them to gender “theory” in kindergarten, and she’s said as much several times in the past.

Yet, what strikes me the most about this is the last sentence she utters, in which she claims that these are “wedge issues” but are not a “reflection of where the country is.” Now, ask yourself, is that actually true? Have you seen evidence that a majority of Americans are supportive of cutting off the genitals of a teenager and pumping them full of hormones in order to “affirm” their childhood delusions? Adults often force teenagers to believe delusions in order to feel better.

On the contrary, I’ve found that to be an incredibly too-online and niche view of the subject that isn’t much rarer in the general population than it is on social media – and that’s the point regarding Psaki. The person in question has become completely absorbed by the Washington bubble. She admits, for example, that she was a Washington Bubble addict. NeverInvite her child to play with them at home.

Remember that these people are claiming to be your moral superiors and demanding that you follow the dictates of federal overreach. These are people so deluded that they can’t even assess risk properly, to the point of completely isolating their own children.

What does this all mean about America’s divide between elites and the rest of us? Because as I said, Psaki actually believes what she’s saying. She’s just so ensconced in her rich, gentrified, Washington bubble that she can’t even begin to understand how normal people live and think. Yet, it is people like Psaki, so disconnected from reality that they can’t even perceive it anymore, that seek to set the rules in Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Kentucky, Wyoming, and a host of other states that have nothing in common with the ruling class.

Federalism was once a way for people to have choices, but now one side wants to dictate its radical agenda to everyone via the iron fist federal government. We’ve gotten to the point where states that seek to protect children from physical mutilation are now being threatened by the DOJ. Call me a pessimist, but I don’t think any of this is going to end well.

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