Jason Delacruz.

Mailman Hoarded People’s Mail in a Storage Unit Because He Was ‘Too Stressed’ to Deliver It

A Virginia Beach postal carrier admitted to hiding mail in a storage locker because he was “too stressed” to deliver it.

Jason Delacruz, a U.S. Post Office employee since June 2018, pleaded guilty on Tuesday to delay of mail matter by officer or employee, CBS affiliate WTKR reported.

According to court records, Delacruz told agents from the Office of the Inspector General that he’d rented a public storage unit for $49 per month in order to keep mail that he couldn’t deliver.

Delacruz was stressed because he couldn’t “make time” and felt “pressured” to complete his route.

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He began hiding mail in late 2018 and first rented the unit in Feb. 2019, according to court records.

When investigators located the storage unit they found hundreds of pieces of mail, including sensitive documents such as bank statements and correspondence from the Internal Revenue Service.

Post office officials were tipped off to the scheme in May 2019 after a witness spotted Delacruz unloading mail at a storage facility in Virginia Beach and snapped a picture.

The witness also jotted down Delacruz’s license plate number and contacted the postal service.

Delacruz said he intended on eventually delivering the mail but fell behind.

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He is scheduled to be sentenced in federal court this February.

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