‘Good Morning Britain’ Guest Gags After Feminist Reveals Unshaved Arm Pits

“I just think why make a big fuss and song and dance about growing out your underarm hair?”

During a talk show panel about “Januhairy,” a woman who describes herself as a “left-wing, feminist, and atheist” horrified a fellow guest by displaying her unshaved underarm air.

Kate Smurthwaite appeared on “Good Morning Britain” in January to advocate for a month-long movement that encourages women to refrain from shaving their body hair in a bid for liberation and empowerment.

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Smurthwaite, who is polyamorous, dismissed host Piers Morgan’s suggestion that men would find her unkempt body hair unattractive by revealing that she has “several boyfriends.”

In fact, according to Smurthwaite, her decision to remain unshaven is actually a plus when it comes to romance. “I think it’s a great thing. One thing my armpit hair does, is it filters out the kind of men who think that’s important,” she said.

Television personality Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace did not agree.

“I’m repulsed. Sorry, hun. It’s your personal choice but I can see them sort of sticking out,” she said.

“It’s bacteria. It’s smell,” Horgan-Wallace added, before Smurthwaite interjected by showing off her underarm hair. This prompted Horgan-Wallace to retch and turn away.

“I just think why make a big fuss and song and dance about growing out your underarm hair?” she said. “There are bigger things to do.”

“Do you think that maybe if we walk around with hairy legs and hairy armpits that we’re going to get equal pay in the office?” Horgan-Wallace added.

The “Januhairy” movement was started by Laura Jackson, a University of Exeter student seeking to promote body positivity. The body positivity movement, which pushes back against purportedly sexist and patriarchal stigmas that dictate what women should look like, has been increasingly co-opted by corporate brands and activist organizations.


Critics argue that many body positive initiatives are nothing more than exploitative marketing stunts masquerading as activism.

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