Jan. 6 Committee Just Keeps Digging That Hole Deeper With Latest Testimony – Opinion

The Jan. 6 Committee has my full support. They’ve already proven what hacks they are, yet they just keep digging that hole deeper for themselves and in so doing, they keep revealing how empty their case is.

Let’s be frank — the whole point of the Jan. 6 effort is to try to do all they can to take down Donald Trump, because they’re afraid he’ll run again and win in 2024. So, if they wanted to be honest about it, what they’re doing is an effort to “interfere” in the 2024 election ahead of time.

But the testimony of the “witnesses” they had on Thursday revealed just how empty their quiver is. Once again, they played this “let’s push hearsay about what the Secret Service agents said” game. Rep. Elaine Luria claimed they had two people who heard things from the Secret Service agents about Trump being upset in the car about a “confrontation,” but then what she claimed wasn’t even that.

She described the first witness as “a former White House employee with national security responsibilities” who spoke to Deputy Chief of Staff Anthony Ornato and Trump’s lead Secret Service agent, Robert Engel.

“This employee told us that Mr. Ornato said that the president was ‘irate’ when Mr. Engel refused to drive him to the Capitol,” Luria said. “Mr. Engel did not refute what Mr. Ornato said.”

After that, there was Sergeant. Mark Robinson, D.C. Metro Police Department.

Robinson said that one of the Secret Service agents in the car told him there was a “heated discussion” with Trump about going to the Capitol.

Are you sure?

In other words, the Committee was pushing more hearsay, yet all they now have from the hearsay was that Trump was upset or had a “heated discussion.” What happened to that supposed grabbing of the wheel or lunging at the Secret Service agent? Trump, 74 years old, did not provide any proof of his superhuman feats. Trump’s upset was undisputed. This was obvious. So? What does that prove–other than nothing? It’s sort of hilarious that they are so grasping at straws that now, all they seem to have is “heated discussion,”and they’re trying to make something out of that.

You might be surprised at what is lacking. Any testimony from the folks who were in the car — the agent and the driver who were there. Why? Because they reportedly disputed Hutchinson’s claims. Why aren’t we seeing them being called back and their testimony in public? They’d destroy the whole thing. Luria stated that they were being called. I’ll believe it when I see it. And if they were, and they blew a hole in the Hutchinson claims, the Committee would claim they corroborated her testimony if they acknowledged there was a “heated discussion.” The Committee members are such hacks.

You can keep going and keep moving forward. They wanted to take out Trump and hurt the Republicans’ chances in the midterms. But instead, they’re proving yet another reason why the Democrats should all be voted out for pushing such nonsense.

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