James Woods Begs Hillary to Run Again

“Please everyone — encourage her to run.”

It was a moment of rejoicing for conservatives and Republican voters around the country when CNN reported that Hillary Clinton, the politician who single-handedly crushed the dream of 3 million Democrats in 2016, is not ruling out running again against the man who had defeated her in 2020.

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“Clinton is telling people that she’s not closing the doors to the idea of running in 2020,” CNN’s Jeff Zeleny reported Monday, explaining that recent indictments against President Donald Trump’s associates — including Republican showboat and PR mastermind Roger Stone — have convinced her that the dream is not yet dead.

This has prompted a choir of conservative voices to cheer her on.

“If there is a God…” wrote conservative actor and newfound Trump supporter James Woods.

After all, for the right, who can be more of a godsend as a challenger to the president than the person who in round one — to her own detriment — dismissed a good chunk of Americans as a “basket of deplorables”?

In fact, political pollster Frank Luntz joked on Twitter that to his “skewed” sample, “more Republicans hope that Hillary runs in 2020 than Democrats.”

And while the people on the right are keeping their fingers crossed so tightly they might break their joints…

…the left is getting panicky about this Twilight Zone scenario actually coming true.

But showering both sides with some cold water, liberal economist and The New York Times columnist scoffed at the speculators, attributing the excitement (and dread about HRC’s possible run to Clinton Derangement Syndrome).

“You know,” he added, unleashing his resentment, “the days when you piled on a highly qualified candidate out of sheer pettiness, and in so doing delivered the nation into the hands of a man you knew full well was a sociopath — but hey, you were having fun, and evidently feel no guilt about what you did.”

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Political strategist Mark Penn, who worked for Bill Clinton during his runs for office, speculated in November that the former secretary of state is indeed laying the groundwork to “reinvent” herself in a third presidential bid. His op-ed, like CNN’s report, was met with gleeful glances from the right and debilitating consternation from the left.

Still, until Hillary makes a real move, it remains up for Beto and Kamala to provide the entertainment.

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