James Comey Under Investigation for Leaks to Reporters, NYT Report
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Report Says DOJ Investigating FBI Leaks to Reporters — And They’ve Got Their Sights Set on Comey

The Department of Justice is reportedly looking into whether former FBI Director James Comey illegally leaked information to reporters.

DOJ prosecutors are investigating the leaking of a Russian intelligence document and have apparently centered their investigation around whether Comey illegally gave details to reporters, The New York Times reported on Thursday, citing sources familiar with the inquiry.

The two documents under scrutiny were published in The Times and The Washington Post in 2017.

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According to people familiar with the situation, both articles mention the Russian document in question.

The Times’ sources said the existence of the document, which was obtained by Dutch hackers and given to the FBI, was “highly classified.”

It is unclear whether a grand jury has been impaneled or whether witnesses have been called to the investigation, which kicked off in recent months, according to The Times.

President Donald Trump has repeatedly called on the Justice Department to investigate the so-called “deep state,” a purported class of entrenched government bureaucrats with an agenda independent of the interests of any political administration or the American people.

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It is the second time the Justice Department has launched an investigation into Comey for potentially leaking classified information.

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