Al Sharpton: No Dem Candidates Look Like They Can Take Trump

Al Sharpton said on Wednesday he doesn’t think any of the Democratic candidates have the “mindset” to take on President Donald Trump.

Based on the candidates’ performances in Tuesday evening’s Democratic debate, Sharpton told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” “You don’t become champion by just saying, ‘I’ll get by this round.’ You gotta take the title. And I didn’t see anybody on the stage last night or in the ring that really said, ‘I’m taking charge, I can be president, I can take on Donald Trump. Because he is going to come in with that kind of mindset. And I don’t see that mindset yet in any of the candidates.”

The 2020 Democrats have worked to earn the MSNBC anchor’s support because of his influence among African Americans. Sharpton has yet to throw his support behind a particular candidate.

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CNN political contributor Van Jones had similar feelings about Tuesday night’s debate.

He said the debate was “dispiriting” and that he saw nothing to indicate that any of the Democratic candidates are ready to face off against Trump.

Tuesday’s debate focused on foreign policy and trade issues, with a few opportunities for the candidates to stump for their electability.

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Two of the leading candidates—Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.)—argued over whether Sanders told Warren that a woman couldn’t win the election.

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