Jake Tapper’s Softball for Liz Cheney: How Much Has Kevin McCarthy Failed Democracy?

Sunday State of the UnionCNN’s Jake Tapper interviewed Rep. Liz Cheney about Ukraine and her position as vice-chair of the January 6-committee. Democrats hope the committee will save its majority in midterms. But Cheney said that she believes it to be the most collaborative committee which she has ever been a part of. The bipartisan approach in which we operate is something I am proud of.” 

Tapper concluded the interview with a toss of a softball. Liz, can you tell us about the failures of democracy by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy?

TAPPER – Kevin McCarthy, House Republican leader is visiting the region. He may be in Poland, I believe. Just recently, he issued a statement supporting democracy and individuals who are fighting for an independent and democratic Ukraine. Given the fact that the United States has attempted to overturn the elections, I am curious if there is any disconnect.

CHENEY : What’s going on in Ukraine right now is a stark reminder of the fragility and necessity to defend democracy, which is why each person who has the ability to is responsible for doing so.

I believe Leader McCarthy did not do this, failed to place his Constitutional oath above his personal political gain. Each of our actions and activities are responsible at all times. If we do not stand up for the Constitution, democracy and freedom of expression, then we must remember that the oath we take to our Constitution does not oath us to individuals. Otherwise, our democracy will be in danger.

Tapper has demonstrated again his preference for “CNN’s type of Republican” over any Republican who might dare criticize the partisanship on the 1/6 Committee. This committee was created to support Democrats. See the John Heilemann summary on MSNBC’s Deadline White House. 

Tapper’s softball was brought to you in part by Safelite. 

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