Jake Tapper Rakes Jen Psaki Over the Coals for Her Intelligence-Insulting Biden Defense – Opinion

Joe Biden was very clear in saying during his press conference on Wednesday that if they didn’t pass the ‘voting rights’ legislation, the 2022 elections could be illegitimate.

Indeed, Biden said, “I’m not going to say it’s going to be legit. It increases — the prospect of being illegitimate is in direct proportion to us not being able to get these — these reforms passed.”

It’s hard to disagree with his words. He let the cat out and spoke loudly about the quiet parts. He previewed the argument that they are going to be making and that other Democrats have been trying to push on social media — the excuse for why they are going to lose in the midterms being set up —  that they’re going to argue the election is illegitimate.

There are many questions that this naturally brings up. This is coming from the folks who for the past year have claimed that any question about the elections is an “attack on democracy.” Plus if the election coming up wouldn’t be legitimate unless they pass the ‘election reforms’ they want, what are they saying about the 2020 election, the election that they claim was fair? Biden has no clue what he’s saying.

Today, Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary went to the networks today to clear up after Biden. She went on Fox where she wasn’t questioned very hard and then later went on CNN where she did get grilled by Jake Tapper.

Psaki tried to sell the tale that Biden was trying to say how he was going to be fighting questions about the election, “What we also, though, need to be clear-eyed about — and this is what he was trying to convey last night — is that there were efforts in 2020 by the former president and his supporters to attempt to overturn the outcome of the election. We need to be clear-eyed about that possibility or about the effort to try to do that.” She tried to blame President Donald Trump for Biden’s efforts to pre-emptively attack the legitimacy of the 2022 elections. It takes some guts.

Uh, yeah, no. Even Jake Tapper didn’t fall for that one — and you know it’s bad when even CNN isn’t buying it.

“But he didn’t say, the elections are going to be legitimate, and I’m going to be there making sure that they are legitimate, and we’re going to fight, and you need to turn out to vote,” Tapper explained. “I mean, he basically — he basically refused to say that — definitively that they’re going to be legitimate. Today, Vice President Harris and Savannah Guthrie also denied that results would be valid. She pivoted to saying — quote — “We, as America, cannot afford to allow this blatant erosion of our democracy and, in particular, the right of all Americans who are eligible to vote to have access to the ballot unfettered.”

Biden’s words were clear. Trying to spin it to mean the exact opposite of what he said isn’t going to work. The fact she tried it again, is insulting to American citizens. This is an awful look. Especially when we can see exactly what he stated. And if he hadn’t messed up, she wouldn’t be all over the networks today trying to clean it up. But as we reported earlier, Americans know what they heard and they weren’t liking it at all. She can spin until the cows come home, but she can’t stuff what he said back in the bottle.

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